Hey, Im arriving in bangkok thailand this coming tuesday 2nd march 2010 and was wondering how is the situation over there? regarding...

...the thaksin thingy whether the protest is violent?


Country: Thailand


Hello Zarinna
So far all peaceful. The big protest will only start around the 14th March, but then again, it may be a complete flop.
Come and visit us in Phuket.
Heja Zarinna
Compared to other places in the world, Thailand today is calm.
No problems today but check the news & you will hear more...
Hi Zarinna,
no Problem, nothing happend.The Red Shirt are not so crazy like the PAD. Bangkok is peaceful...Enjoy Thailand, good people survive everythings...
everything gonna be alright.
It's quiet at present, and likely will be on 2nd March as well when you arrive.
However, if I were you, I would stay away at least from Bangkok, if not from the whole of this country, as things may get violent in the course of March. Keep your risk low as there are many nice places in the region around.
Hopefully not to many protests, best stay outside Bangkok.
Hi Zarinna.
So far all the news media reports in Thailand are saying everything is quiet. After the shambles at Bangkok airport I don't believe they would allow that that sort of situation to arise again. If you are planning to stay in Bangkok or Chang Mai there is always the chance of some protests taking place but nothing to worry about. If you are staying anywhere else in Thailand then don't worry. Try Koh Samui. : )
Don't problems at all.
This is Thailand, (always peaceful if you are a tourist!)
The world press like to make a big issue of anything to sell newspapers, but it's a storm in a teacup.
Well, the protesters will start around 12 of March and will have a big gather in BKK on the 14 of March 2010. Hopefully, will be a short one but might drag to a week. Go elsewhere around BKK should be all right. To avoid all the traffics and all that.

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