What city do you recommend to visit in Japan other than Tokyo?

I am planning to stay in Japan for a week and need you recommendation for a good city in Japan other than Tokyo. What are the reasons for your suggestions?


City: Edo

Prefecture: Tokyo

Country: Japan


Kyoto (an ancient capital), Osaka (2nd biggest city in Japan). You can look around these two sites for 3 days. Traveling by Shinkan-sen (bullet train) is also fun!
When are you planning to come visit to Japan? Late March and early April will be beautiful because cherry blossoms are in bloom.
I would recommend that you catch a bullet train(shin-kansen)
to Osaka as Kyoto(very traditional city) is right next door.
Only couple of hours and you are there.
A lot of travelers love visiting Kyoto espescially if they are intrereted in the Japanese culture.
Osaka is the 2nd biggest city in Japan and people are very friendly there.
I recommend that you try okonomi-yaki and tako-yaki while you are there. Its a famous meal from Osaka.
Well, it depends on what you like to do and see while in Japan...depending on which one week may be enough or insufficient. I should also remind you that Tokyo isn't nothing but city life and neon lights. Tokyo prefecture is home to part of a big national park, the side that sits in Tokyo prefecture is called the Okutama area, where there is plenty of nature, small limestone caves, forests, waterfalls, and so on. If it's culture and history you are after, Nikko and Kamakura are just around the corner. In other parts of Japan...well, there are so many places you could spend a great week visiting. If you could but provide a few things that you would like to do and see then we can narrow the list down for you...because, quite frankly, you can go to any city in Japan and still have a good time if you know what to do and see. People will most likely promote the city they live in or the major touristic places, but we may be able to suggest different places that would better fit your preference. What is your itinerary like? That can also effect what we could suggest as well. Will you be based in Tokyo for that week, or will you be moving around the Tokyo region, or all around Japan? Are you on a budget trip or can you spend more money? Are you into nature or prefer historical sites? Do you want to experience cultural events or concentrate on shopping/gastronomy? Do you prefer warm or cool places? Are you into hot spring, do you want to do hiking? ....Please provide more information, thanks :)
my best choice would be Hamamatsu because there are many Brasilians living there and they make the place very interesting, they have restaurants and shops with Brazilian food and everything writtin in Portuguese. i would love to go back.
You have to go to Honjo in Saitama prefecture!!!

It's only an hour and a half outside of Tokyo and it's right on the border of Saitama and Gunma. You can always get a room at the Honjo Business Hotel and enjoy kalbi ramen, a local delicacy.
I'm just guessing from your question -- you will be visiting Tokyo first. Tokyo HAS lots of places to see both for your historial and cultural interests and for your nightlife fun.
I think you can kill easily one week just staying in Tokyo.
However, if you do want to see other places, try Yokohama.
It is close to Tokyo (about 1 hr by train). Yokohama was the town first opened for foreigners to settle about 130-140 yrs ago in the eastern part of Japan. So you can see 19-cetury-style western buildings, and they also have Chinatown.

If you need furhter info, let me know
I think it depends on what you are looking for: to a see an older style lifestyle of Japan; art; rural areas; beautiful scenery and landscapes; or nature at its best. And on how much you want to struggle with the language or not.

I recommend Kanazawa or Kagoshima, the people are extremely friendly, courteous and happy in these cities in Japan. Kanazawa is like a peaceful mini-Kyoto, and Kagoshima is just old style and beautiful.

I presume you want somewhere a convenient bullet train ride from Tokyo, so I recommend Kanazawa, which should be at its best around early-to-mid-April for the cherry blossoms.
I recommend Osaka, because that's where I live.
Tokyo is the capital of Japan and has the most to offer vistors, Kyoto as mentioned is the most historical and traditional, I really recommend Hakone as it has hot springs, museums and a beautiful view of Mt Fuji, it's a great place to relax and really take in the beauty of Japan.
Hi. I would recommend the what I believe to be the most beutiful place on the planet. Oita city on the Kyushu island of Japan.

This city is located only 10 minutes away from the world hotspring city, Beppu. It is also only one and a half hours away from another very famous city Yufuin. Yufuin is also a very beutiful hotspring town.

Oita is a very old city, it was first established in the 12th centuary, but it is quite unique in that it is relativaly new. This is due to the fact most of the city was destroyed during the second world war.

The city and prefecture where formally called Bungo. It was named as a major Japanese city by the Japanese goverment in 1997.

It is also famous for being the first city to have a christian fuedual lord. The portugese often visited here in the sixtenth centuary.

The Oita prefecture is also famous for the small town of Shonai, which is very famous for the Kaguraa dancing.

Oita also has a wonderful water park Umi Tamago. It is situated right next to monkey mountain. It is very cheap to go there from the Train station. It is only $25 US dollars to take the bus return, with entrance into Umi Tamago and Monkey mountain.

Beppu city also has hells hot springs. This is the place where you can see where the hotspring water explodes from the ground.

Oita also has an African safari park, really worth a look. In addition it will be having its spring fireworks display in the next few months. Furthermore, there is an international tourist information centre.

Oita airport also has flight direct to Seoul 3 times a week and ferry service direct to Osaka.

This really is wonderful wonderful place. I believe it is the best city in Japan. You will love it. So come on down.
I also forgot we have the best soccer team in Japan. Goooooooooo Trinita.
With only a week in Japan, how about getting a railpass, and seeing /kyoto/hiroshima/fukuoka just to get started! Kyoto and hiroshima for their history/culture and fukuoka to see a beautiful city with a laid-back atmosphere!

Other than that it is difficult to answer your question without finding out more about you! What are your hobbies etc.
Everyone should say Kyoto because of all the previous mentioned reasons. If I wanted to get into Japan a lil deeper I'd stay around Tokyo and see some other sites. Nikko is a nice old area with a significant temple area and majestic cedar trees with an reenactment village to visit. Hakkone near Mt fuji is a relaxing art, spa and recreation village. Stay 2 days each there at a ryokan style hotel, Even going to nagano the olympic ski area for a few days would be nice if you dont ski. That would be a full week and youwould have a taste of Japan not just the icon stops.
Everyone should say Osaka and Kyoto because everyone else says so.
They would be following the crowd and be you could be a real sheep. Oh happy happy sheeps.

Or Hamamatsu because "Brasilians live there." Even though most people come to Japan to see Japan, still you can say Hamamatsu because a Brazillian people said so. How many is a Brazillion, anyway?

Or you can say, "Come to Japan. Get a rail-pass for one week. Go any direction from Tokyo. Get off the train and look around."

If you do this six times, it will be time to go home and you will have seen nothing except Japan. And that is the point, right?

You said "Good City, other than Tokyo" but what is a good city? Tokyo is a good city, whats wrong with Tokyo?

It has bad air, many Factories, busy traffic. What else are you looking for?
Maybe expensive and tiny hotels? All Japanese cities have that.
Lots of "foreigners," so it won't seem alien? How about a city with bad-tasting water? Or worse, bad beer?

Give us a hint about what you want.
Fukuoka, the best city in Japan!!! Despite its size (about 1,3 mil. people, biggest on Kyushu Island), Fukuoka kept its local atmosphere. Many historical sites, really nice people, and the best collection of original local food you can find in Japan. Not many people know about it so there are only a few tourists (most of them from other Asian countries) which makes it easier and faster to move around. Not to forget, the the surroundings are very attractive as well. With places like Dazaifu, which used to be the main city on Kyushu and has the most famous Tenmangu Shrine. It takes about five hours by Nozomi bullet train from Tokyo station.
I am currently living in Nagano and well as a biased opinion I would definitely recommend Nagano. But, realistically if you are planning a trip for roughly a week you probably will need to maximize your time to get the most from your trip. If you plan to leave Tokyo you should definitely travel by shinkansen. For trips located around the Tokyo area you might want to visit Atami-shi (Atami City). Located roughly less than one hour from Tokyo. Atami used to be a favorite for newly weds wanting to travel inside Japan. Most recently however this image has been changing, but the core reason to visit remains the same. Atami is directly located on the Pacific and the seafood is fantastic.

Furthermore, before coming you should plan on buy a JR pass. This will allow you access to most of JR's trains and in turn offer you more freedom when visiting.

Best luck with your planning. Have a good trip.
Hi, If you want to stay in the general Tokyo area, there are some nice day trips from there. You can go to Yokohama of course but I really recommend Kamakura, which is only about an hour from Tokyo. Kamakura is an old capital of Japan with some great temples, the Daibutsu (Giant Buddha), and near Enoshima Island. Easy to spend one or 2 days there.
Hi, i would say Yokohama if you like near Tokyo, but Osaka is nice also, and Nagoya good and easy to get there by train, Hiroshima has a impressive history, if you like countryside Chiba is good.
and everywhere good bars and good food.
I highly recommend Kyoto and Nara. It gives you a peek on ancient Japan with it's various temples and shrines. Some recommended temples to see are Kinkakuji, Kiyomizudera, Heian Shrine, Sanjusangendo (all in Kyoto), Todaiji and Horyuji (both in Nara). Kyoto is about 3 hours away by shinkansen(bullet train) from Tokyo. Nara is about 45 mins from Kyoto. If you want to plan your train, is a very helpful tool. Trains in Japan are very clean and runs on time! It's a good way to travel and see the other side of Japan!
Kyoto is definately a place to go if you have the time to visit. This is where you can see pre-Edo period Japan. Closer to Tokyo is Nikko. There is a very large Temple there. Well worth the visit.
well Like japan have a diferents cities and all beautiful cities ,
You can go To Hiroshima, Fukushima,Nara,osaka,Kyoto ....Have a lot of amaizing cities and totally diferent enviroment , each city have they misterious and beauty
for eg:Kyoto is an amazing old city ,you'll find there a lot of temples,Osaka is more busy city with the exotics views,Nara have the deers and the big budda,you can feed the cuties deers and theywill thankyou
Kobe is a wonderful city but more modern city.
i hopw those information help you
have funand enjoy your say here
good luck
Many other localytes have said most of the cities.
On a weeks trip I would do Nikko, Kamakura, Hakone, and Kyoto. All with in two and a half hours from Toyko.
Please don't hesitate if you need any help on arrival. All my details are on my profile page.
Kind regards,
Sorry, you asked for the reasons of each place. Well Nikko is world heritage, Kamakura has great giant buddah statue and a beautiful escape from Tokyo, Hakone and all it's hotsprings and ryokans, and last Kyoto for all the good reasons every other localyte has mentioned.

That's better.
If you are only going to stay for a week. then you should head up to nikko. unfortunately you will not be able to take the sugikaido (cedar road) unless you know some one with a car. Nikko is famous for its toshogu shrine. Ethis shrine is the burial sight of the Great Ieasu Tokugawa. Ieasu is the the man that unified Japan and moved the capital to Tokyo. the Temple in Nikko was Built by His gransdson. the Cedar Road once started in Tokyo and ran all the way to Nikko. This was the Road that they Took the Body of Ieasu when they Moved it to Nikko.
Nikko was Beloved by Tokugawas Ieasu for it's scenery, and onsens. If you travel further north you will get to Kinugawa. Unfortunately the only thing to do there is to go to an onsen. You can take a train to Yunishigawa, and there you can Jump into an onsen for free with your partner. It is a small little onsen on the river. Just under a walking bridge that takes you to the Traditional Grass roof houses of Yesteryear! These are the Parts of Japan people need to see if they want to experience Japan.
To get to Nikko you will need to go to the Asakusa Tobu station and book at Spacia train to Nikko. It will cost about 1,500 to 2,000 yen per person from there you can walk or take a bus. After the temple and if you have time you should take a bus further up the mountain and see the Volcanic lake. Don:t feed the Monkeys!

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