How far is Copacabana from Tiahuanaco

any one know how far Copacabana is from Tiahuanaco


Country: Peru


Hello Alyssa.

Well, Copacabana and Tiahuanaco are two great places, but there are in Bolivia, not in Peru.


Copacabana it is a very development lakeside city in the "Isla del Sol" (Sun's Island) located in Titicaca Lake; this lake it is in the border of Peru and Bolivia.

Tiahuanaco it is an archeological complex located about 45' far from La Paz, at west. La Paz is the county seat of Bolivia.

To go from Copacabana to Tiahuanaco, you have to pass through La Paz, according with my research; there is not highway between these two places.

It is about 178km in this route: Copacabana - La Paz - Tiahuanaco, but you have to remenber, Copacabana it is in the Isla del Sol, so you have to take a ferry, this pass it's 30 km far from Copacabana.

I hope this advices can help you.

Ernesto ()
I'm sorry to disagree with Ernesto, but the City of Copacabana isn't in the Sun Island, you can go from Copacabana to the Sun Island in a boat tour. By the way, there is a way to go to Tiwanaku, and then to Copacabana.
But generally tourist, goes from La Paz to Tiwanaku one day, and to Copacabana other day. Not only for the distance, but also because you need time to visit well both places.
By the way, travel to Tiwanaku is very cheap and you have many alternatives of transportation to choise.
The same to Copacabana, where you can find Hotels an Hostels very cheap, this Village is an important Religious Center, have many Inca's Ruins, funny entertainments in the shore of the lake, and you can go in boats tour to visit the Sun's Island (Isla del Sol) and Coaty (Moon's Island). Also there is a Ferry tour between Huatajata (a village in the lake near to La Paz) and Copacabana, the tour includes lunch and drinks, very nice.
It's almost 200 kilometers from Copacabana to Tiahuanaco, but you have to take care for the trip that part of the road goes by the highlands so you should give a check to your car if you are going by yourself
If you come from Peru the best is to go first to Copacabana and then to La Paz. Then take a tour to Tiahuanaco from La Paz.
From Puno (peru) to Copacabana 3 hours. Copacabana - La Paz 6 hours. La Paz - Tiahuanaco 4 hours. Aprox. :)
hi I could help you but I need to know from were you are traveling, To go from Puno (Peru) to La Paz (Bolivia)are to ways to go, The Copacabana Route (7 hours) and Desaguadero route 5 hours. Tiahuanaco is 1 1/2 huors from La Paz.
If you are coming from Peru and want to get to Tiahuanaco, you are better off going through Desaguadero than through Copacabana.
If you have some time the best way is, going first to copacabana and then to La paz, next day visit tiahuanaco wich is 1 1/2 hours away from La Paz .

If you arrive first to La paz do inverse and visit Peru.


Jose Antonio
Sorry, there is no reason to go through La Paz to go from Copacabana to Tiahuanako. You go through Tiquina and take the road to La Paz and when you get to El Alto, look for the righthand turn to Laja and Tiahuanako It should take about 3 hours driving.
Of course, it would make more sense to go back through Desaguadero, but from Copacabana, that would mean crossing the border twice, and I´m afraid it would be too much of a hassle having to explain yourself to the Peruvian and Bolivian custom officers. Good luck.
Two different great Inka´s religious places regardless if in Peru or Bolivia they are around 150 milles away from each other they are different ways to reach this place my recomendation is to go by boat take sun protection though and enjoy it!!!

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