Do you know which time of the year is best to travel to France?


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It all depends on what you like and where you go . France has many different climates ... If you like the heat, the South East of France will be the hottest. By the Atlantic ocean, or up in the mountains it is cooler.
Rain can be expected all year long, but less in the south in the summer. In Brittany, you can get long rainy days even in the summer.
If you like snow, of course, choose the Alps or the pyrenees in winter !
hi, what was said before is very good! from May to October, a major part of south is really sunny! but try to avoid the crowd in July and August especially near the riviera, it's very packed!!
enjoy your trip
it's not automatically : summer = sun and winter = bad winter;
in my beautiful country Biarritz , some days of July were horrible (rain + wind , I remenber the surfers being obliged to live the ocean) and some days of october were pure joy : magic (very sunny without the heat that can be inconvenient when we want to do long walks.
So , bonne chance !
you do not say what you want to do here or what your interests are. France has something for everyone i think. Beaches in summer, ski-ing in winter, city life all year round and beautiful countryside to enjoy during the frequent good weather but especially the spring when the wild flowers come into their own. Tourist attractions mostly start at Easter and continue til October. August is very crowded with holiday makers as the French generally take their holidays all together at that time. If you could be more specific with your question I would be happy to answer you with more relevance.
It really depends on what you consider "good" or "bad" weather.... But if you're looking for "an insider tip" for a good time to visit Paris - I would suggest either Spring or Fall. Winter can be rainy at times, and Summer can be muggy and Hot. Duke Ellington wrote a song called "April in Paris", and September is a fine month to travel... anywhere .... (but especially Paris!!!)
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