We will be on a Nile cruise-- where would you suggest we look for a balloon ride?Also how much would you expect to pay?


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Luxor is the spot for a hot air balloon ride - take it at sunrise over the Valley of the Kings and the Nile - beautiful. Regulations say flights finish at 8.30 am. Probably the cheapest you'll find is around US$80 - 90 per person and they can vary widely up to over US$200 per person, dependent on what is included and how many people the basket holds etc. Some include tea and coffee and a snack and a certificate and T-shirt. You should get pick-up and return to your accommodation and the transport to the west bank included.

Each year a number of balloon accidents are reported (no deaths but sometimes sever injuries) so it is wise to consider both the safety record of the company and operator you choose and also insurance (you should ask to see their insurance). Operators claim to be covered but the amount may not be a lot and you may have to rely on your own travel insurance if you have a problem. Be sensible - wear flat, sensible shoes so that you can be balanced on landing and a long-sleeved shirt is also useful - you may have problems with the heat if you end up near the burner at all. The early morning air will likely be coolish anyway. Do a bit of research online. Look at Horus, Hod Hod Soliman and Sinbad for starters.

Hope you have a wonderful experience and get some amazing photos!

Lyndall EL Masry

yes lyndal is right, the information is correct
Hello, have a nice day.
Concerning the balloon you can ride it in Luxor as it usually works early in the morning everyday. The price is depending on the safety & services. It's my pleasure to help you with that if you like.
Kind regards
Tour Operator
Hala Ahmed
Cairo Dan Tours

i don't know about baloon but about pay i think yougonna pay about 70 to 100 dollars for one person it not gonna be higher then that
In luxor you can find some agents for Ballon tours
luxor, 50-100$

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