Best place for shopping in Morocco?

I've planned a tour covering Marrakesh and Casablanca.Which is the best area for shopping in either of these places? I specifically want clothes shops that sell plus size ladies' clothes.


Country: Morocco


Good day.
If you're in Casablanca, I suggest that you go to the O'Gallery, it's in front of The "Megarama Cinema", or you can go to "Maarif" where you can find all you need.
Well, When you're in Marrakesh, the best place I'd advice you to do your shopping in is the area near Marjane. You'll find many nice elegant shops for clothes, furniture, ...etc. there. Also, the area of Jamaa Lfna. you'll find the souvenir shops open till late.
I'm from Casablanca. I been to Marrakesh last August. It's really a wonderful city. I'm sure you'll enjoy it so much.

When you're in Casablanca, you can do your shopping at "Alfa 55" or "Twin Center". Also there is the area of "Maarif", it's full of clothes shops.

Have a wonderful trip.
in Marrakesh you have fancy European style shops in the new city, plus you have traditional clothes shops inside the old medina of the city. you can also try to get tailor made clothes that can be made in 2 days, you can chose your tissue and measures as you wish.
Hmmm i think is better to ask the people who live in the city that you want visit about my area the cloth in very cheap but you have to choose a good shop and the only one who can help is the member who live in the city that you want visit
Casablanca: Houbous neiberhood & Derb Soultan, old Medina, City Center
Marrakesh, Taroudant, Fes, Essouira: Old cities (Medina's)
always cities center (occidental style & modern things) & old cities (traditional clothes, sevenirs, & another stuff)
About Casa and Marrakech , Its cost a little but if you take Nador deriction you will get a very good price yeahhhhhhh
Hi, Marrakesh is the dream of any woman!!! you can buy everything and find cheap prices. You also have good taylors that make you clothes made to measure.
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Everywhere you would find it. Medina's are plenty for this type of clothes. Morocoon is a country who produces plenty of textil.
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