Hello! I will be travelling with my three boys (8,9,10) to Italy in the last week of March. I was thinking to visit Pompeii, and the...

...Vesuvius volcano. Any other must see places I should take them? Any other activities that they'd enjoy (hikes, etc.) I really want to make the most of the week we have there.


Country: Italy


Hello! In the area you are going to visit there is the well known coast of Amalfi with the beautiful Villa Cimbrone and Villa Rufolo in Ravello;
also you could visit the Unesco Property of Castellabate, the WWF Persano Oasis, the world famous Greek Temple of Paestum (Poseidon in Greek language) , Velia,and so on
You can have a look of my web site
Many guests stay here living and leave in the mooning to visit the same place you are interested to see.
In my area you could enjoy the National Park of Cilento and the beautiful view from the house.
Best greetings.
Roberto Pisani
You can hike at Monte Solaro in Anacapri, on Capri Island. It's a very beautiful and not touristy trail. From Napoli you take the regular boat to Capri. On arrival you transfer by taxi to Anacapri. Nearby the entrance of Villa San Michele, which is very nice to visit as well, starts the trail to the Monte Solaro. Once you arrive on top and you admire the wonderful view you can follow the trail down to Marina Piccola, a lovely beach in Capri. There starts a beautiful road, Via Krupp, that takes to the Emperor Augustus Gardens, if you want to continue you can take a scenic road along the sea passing by the Faraglioni, Villa Malaparte and several historical places ... until reaching downtown Capri. On the last part of the road you can go to the Emperor Tiberius Villa from where you can enjoy a beautiful view on Marina Grande and relax in the garden. I think it's a bit too much hiking in one day, but you can overnight in Capri and make this hike in two days. Have fun!

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