How long does it take the trip Lima/Cusco-Machu Pichu by bus? Thanks!


Country: Peru


iT is about 20 hours by get ready to be in the same position for hours..
Its about 20 hours ( Lima-Cusco ), good buses and services..around 30 dollars one way tiket, Cusco - Machu Picchu is another story!
If you wanna travel from Lima to Cuzco in bus you gotta spend 24 hours of your life !! is a little bit complicated cuz there are some areas where the height ist so high, and ur gonna feel uncomfortable, feeling dizzy and you even are gonna puke!..
So i sincerly recomend you to take a flight straight to Cuzco ur not going to feel enything of this, and u will enjoy even more your stay.

Talking abour the trip form cuzco city to macchu picchu, theres only one way to get there, u gotta travel in train.(there are different stations where u can get the train, so u can get to macchu picchu in 4-5 hours or even in 1 hours, it depends of the station you chose to catch up the train).
Unfortunately, i regret to tell you that because of the bad weather, the constants rains and all that kind of stuff MACCHU PICCHU has been closed to the public untill April.
So you gotta wait till April to see this AWESOME place, and to experiment all the feelings that only CUZCO and its magnificent history can brings to you!!!
Hi, takes around 21 hours by bus, in a regular service, however if you take a reliable company could take aprox 19h due they do not make a stopover in any little town as the others.
Daniela: Travelling by bus to Cuzco from Lima is possible but be aware that it is a long journey, it will take almost 36 hours and you have some 3 routes to choose:
1.- Lima, Arequipa, Juliaca, Cuzco
2.- Lima, Nazca, Puquio, Chalhuanca, Abancay, Cuzco
3.- Lima, Huancayo, Abancay, Cuzco

If I were to go, I would choose Route 1, for Arequipa is a very nice city, teh highway Lima Arequipa is in very good condition and, best of all is a very safe road to travel (you could make a two day stop here to visit local attractions a taste the wonderful (and spicy) local cuisine and Iberia chocolates and candies; Juliaca is a nice town(but soooo cold!!) and you shuldn't roam freely around there (not so safe nowadays). What I don't like is going through the Nazca-Puquio-Abancay leg that offers route 2 for it is unsafe during night hours.
Route 3 may be an alternative, but try to choose daylight travelling,in all cases.
Always try to choose a renowned bus company, like Cruz del Sur, or OrmeƱo as possible, avoiding local or worst, iformal buses anywhere. Enjoy your trip. Can be available for Lima Internat'l Airport - hotel and back in Lima. Let me know.
Sorry for a big mistake in my answer: it takes at most 26 hours, not 36 as I posted, again Sorry!.
There are different itineraries at check it out
The Lima/Cusco part takes about 24 hours, depending on the route you take. Cusco Machu Picchu is usually done by train (3 1/2 hours) or hiking (4 days) if you have the time and the inclination. Neither of those options is available right now because of landslides that took out parts of the trail and of the railway tracks. Everything should be back to normal in May.
Good luck.
Hey Daniela, don't feel down about the news that nobody can get Macchu Picchu until April, think taht you have more time to plan this unforgetable experience.
Anyway the trip for bus to Cuzco is around 24 hours and it's really a cheap and interesting way to see beautiful landscapes in Peru. Then you'll travel Cuzco-Macchu Picchu in 4 hours by train. Good luck
It takes 22 hours to get to Cusco center.
If you want to go to see the Macchu Picchu then you need to travel 4 more hours on a van service and then take the train which will take you to aguas calientes in 2 hours.
Finally, you will need to ride another bus for like 5 minutes if you dont want to climb a huge mountain to get to the top and see our wonder.
I did that last part on foot and took me 90 minutes, it was awesome thou ;)
Lima Cuzco by bus Its about 24 hours
There are two routes , now just one is available is the longer one via arequipa , I can suggest you if you have the time the next:

day 1 Lima - arequipa 18 hours spend the night in Arequipa and visit the next the day arequipa in a full day tour.
8.30 leave arequipa to cusco

day 2 arrival toi cusco ( 6 am ) visit cusco full day

day 3 8 hours trip from cusco to santa teresa , today is close these route to the 1st of april.

day 4 machupicchu tour and back to cusco.

Day 5 sacred valley or others

please let us now what are your plans and we can help you , best regards

sandra marcovich

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