Hi. How much does it cost to rent a house in Thailand for a year? I'm thinking about something small and not fancy. It's suposse... be for one or two people. I dont really care about location i just want it to be not too far from beach and have some food store in a reach. Where could i find some offers? Should i book in advance or it's better to do it while you are already there? What do i need to do to make this rent legal? Thank any advices. -Ania


Country: Thailand


Well I live in Cha Am Phetchburi right on the sea and you can rent a house here for about 10,000 baht per month about 5 minute to the sea. Your utilities would be extra. Secured area with pools and tennis court.
But really can find great deals depending on what your looking for all over Thailand.
If you are serious let me know I will help you
Hi Anna. 1. Look and book the house once you are here and have checked it. 2. You
basically have nothing special to do, this is at charge of the landlord. 3. You will have better offers for a 1 yr contract; generally you have to provide a cash deposit of 2 months rent (+ 1 month rent in advance). Utilities (electricity/water) have to be paid separately. 4. You always get for your money: cheap is always too expensive! Think of your own living standard/conditions. How is the house (furnished?), kitchen/cooking facilities?, bathroom, A/C (air condition). 5. Prices vary according
to places - guess about 10'000 Baht/monthly will be available. 6. Check on internet
so many sites where you can make your first choice.
Thank You for putting attencion on exactly what i was asking.
Hi, you can get a house in Samui, Phuket or Krabi etc from around 5,000 baht per month. I live in Samui 300 metres from the beach in a quiet area, my bungalow is 7,000 baht per month and comes with 2 fans, a fridge, air-con in the bedroom, a mini stove and gas, hot shower, 1 bedroom, i bathroom a big kichen and a little hallway/sitting room, my water is included but I pay extra about 2000b/p/m for electric. Don't bother looking on the internet for a house, as they will be expensive. Just look around when you get here, there are plenty of houses available. Also I pay no deposit just month by month. The family I rent off have a shop and 10 houses and are very kind. Good luck!!!
I wish i will be as lucky :)
For a decent house you are looking at 200-500 dollars. that should get you something real nice. i would wait until you get here and look for yourself.
A nice two bedroom house you can rent for 5000 bath per month. Go to the area where you want to live and look around for yourself. Always negotiate about the price,Thai will always ask more when they see that you are a foreigner. I live in Chiang Mai and know people who rent houses and they say that they can get the best price from people who have never been in Thailand and make a contract via email. As soon as the people arrive they see that they pay way too much but signed the contract and payed a few months already.
Thank you very much for your answer... I'm surely not going to rent via internet thanks to You and others here.
Ko Samui is a beautiful island and one of the most popular destinations in Thailand. Because of this it is more expensive. However, I can find you a one bedroom house only 5 minute walk from the beach for 10.000bht per month.If you are interested let me know and I will give you more details.
on koh phangan island we have house next to the beach about 15,000 baht a month.
That look like a crazy price :D
its so different, depend where u stay and who u know.
i know phuket, i know koh samui, i know bangkok and some citys more in thailand.
in koh samui between 2000 euro and 20000 euro in year (depend what u need)
in phuket same...
bangkok more expensive...
so, where u will live?
Hello Anna
If you are considering Phuket Island to stay, firstly I must say that is is expensive compared to the mainland.

A really nice house in a good neighborhood will be between 8,000.00 to 12,000.00 Baht fully furnished. Negotiate the price with the owner, as times are tough here, there are bargains to be had. Also check out this site for a lady called Welta. She has always found me my houses and has some good homes in her books.

You may also Try Kasina at her webpage , scroll through for houses for rent.

Hope this guides you, if you want more info, feel free to email me.
As i said im looking for something not too fancy. Thank anyway.
yeah I do know somewhere around bangkok. If you want to know more about detail. you should be contact me ( note_ )
I reccommend you in "Hua Hin" area. It's peaceful and not too expensive.
Just check this out :
Hi, Anna

It's a very good idea to move to Thailand for one year and wait for the world financial crises to come to an end.
I live in Chaloklam, Koh Phangan, just north of Koh Samui. The long-term rental prices for a one bedroom hous vary between 7 and 12 thousand Baht, depending on beach proximity and ammenities (A/C comes for some extra cash).
If you really plan to relocate in Thailand for one year, I strongly recommend Chaloklum. It's far from the maddening crowds in Haad Rin, it's by far more peaceful than any place in Samui, yet it covers all your needs: clinic, pharmacy, ATM's, supermarkets, nice bars and restaurants plus lots of activities to choose from. The area is extremely safe. No assaults, no burglaries, no street fights or drunk people sleeping on the beach.
Thanks for advice, i will consider this place.

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