Hi, wanting to learn German!

I'm looking for a good (as in the cheapest) place to learn German. I would very much like to maybe do Eramus, but I don't really know what country to choose as the life cost in country's where the languange is German seems to be so high! bitte, antwort :)


Country: Austria


Hi there,
well, if you wanna go cheap, you maybe wanna start as an Au-Pair. The only other thing I could think off would be an exchange program or like a summer job for a couple of months....Good luck
but isnĀ“t the au-pair service meant for girls? Well, I would have no problem with that, I guess... But they seem to ask for experience with kids, and I haven't had much :D
You know, it's sad that it's so difficult to find jobs in German-speaking countries...
Tanks for your help!
Well, Switzerland would be the most expensive country and the dialect is very strong. I guess between Austria and Germany it depends which city you choose, but i think Austria is still a little bit cheaper on average. If you get the chance to do an ERASMUS exchange I'd very much recommend doing it, I think you can get a work permit for a side job (probably regulated to less than 20 hrs/week, ).
Doing a student exchange is also a big help in integrating and finding friends...
I like Vienna and i think it is one of the cheaper big cities. You can check out the students homepage for the prices of an appartment... I'd recommend you share the appartment with other students ( in German though) or you find a students dorm via the ERASMUS program...
cheers, good luck!
Check out a Learn German website for a start. I am finding the best way is to be here and using it on a daily basis. Seasonal work is a great way of getting to grips with it.


If the most important things are living cheap and learning German, I'd probably suggest the German Mecklenburg-Vorpommern to you. Life is cheap there but working possibilities are more or less not given. The German language there is a very clear one, almost no dialect in it...

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