I am looking for partners for the business of bungalow renting in Mauritius. contact me on +2307511785 or on my profile. or enter...

...the website to see the bungalow on rent I am searching for clients/tourists coming to mauritius and those interested in self catering bungalows. you just need to convince the clients/tourist for the renting of the bungalow found on once the client has finalise for the renting,you will earn 10% commisiion of what he pays. E.g if the client is paying a total amount of 30000rs for one month renting,then you will earn 10% i.e 3000rs for you as commission. The longer the the duration of stay,the more you Earn. Clients/tourists can be from any country,but confirmation should be done first with MD Mr Vicky


Province: Sa Kaeo

Country: Thailand

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