i just moved to Thanh Hoa for work, i would like to get more contacts there! Nice to meet you all guys! many thanks


Province: Thanh Hoa

Country: Vietnam


Hi Ut,
It looks like there aren't any Localytes in Thanh Hoa. Maybe somebody who does tours from Hanoi to Cuc Phuong has some local contacts for you.

All the best with the new work/job.
Hi Shane,
Thank you very much for your answer, it seems really nobody here joins this website!
How are you doing? could we keep in touch, sometimes i can back Saigon too! so we would meet one day!
Take care
Why go to Thanh Hoa when you first return to VN. You should go where the action is and get a starter job until you get your feet wet. Then move out to whatever other location that suits you. First a job, then go where you like. Best of Luck .
Hi Robert,
Thanks for your comment, actually i have worked for a company which presents official office in Saigon, but i come to Thanh Hoa for company business! its good too cause full of challenges! really nice to meet you!
Best Regards
Take care
I am not from Thanh Hoa, I am from Hanoi if you go to Hanoi for sometimes, I can help you to explore Hanoi and surrounds.
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