Where in Sri Lanka,you see the longest (108 feet) sleeping Buddha statue .


Country: Sri Lanka


its in Karandeniya (have to go inside few km's from ambalangoda) that's the longest one in the asia....
In one word if i have to answer - it would be - In Polonnawura.

But i would love to let you the history too.

The impressive, primeval second capital, Polonnawura of Sri Lanka that flourished during the time periods of 846 AD – 1302 AD, during its zenith was cosseted by a six kilometres long spanning fortifying, sturdy encompassing walls. Tactically, it covered most of the crossing over Mahaweli River that is considered the longest spanning and biggest river of the Sri Lankan island. Polonnaruwa boasts of the most widespread and well-conserved relics that proffer a mesmerizing view of primordial Sri Lanka.
In the time period of several centuries, innumerable monuments have been constructed in reminiscence of the grand scenes of the life depiction of Buddha, but the one located in Polonnawura that was built during the twelfth century under the directions of the King Parakrambahu, is a spectacular piece of art form. It was built as a means of paying respect to Buddha’s last terminal moments when he attained complete Nirvana or peace.
The magnificent reclining Buddha statue also known as the Buddha in parinirvana portrays a fourteen metres long Buddha in the verge of reaching Nirvana. A gigantic yet superlatively poised figurine is whittled in a tranquil stance. It is an epitome of fine Sinhalese rock carving and has been engraved out of a huge chunk of granite that initially constituted a section of the King’s north monastery compound. The monument was initially held in its own enclosed space, which is evident from the hollow hacked into the rock at the rear of the statue.
The face dexterously speckled with variants in the innate hues of the rock is truly breathtaking. The anonymous sculptor has whittled the grand statue with ultimate gentleness that is discernible in the finer details. Even the support like head rest emanates a delicate depression beneath the head region and the sun wheel emblem found on the end of the bolster.
The Buddha’s absolute extinction as it is called instead of demise is partially signified by way of a higher elevated foot that is to some extent drawn within that depicts the pain experienced during the final moments. This Buddha monument exudes such superlative level of splendor that it was a source of inspiration for centuries of Sinhalese art form that failed to replicate its magnificence.
In spite of its horizontal posture, the statue radiates an air of immense stateliness and contentment, appearing to emerge innately from the striped, greyish granite cliff at its rear, giving an illusion that it was a part of the setting. The forty-six feet in length Buddha statue is seen lying sideways with one hand hoisted to his bolster having a sublime smile on his lips.
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Galagoda Temple temple has a 108 ft long reclining (sleeping) Buddha statue
The longest Buddha statue in south asia is located in gampola ,the Saliyalapura Temple.

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