where do you see the Buddha Statue with the broadest shoulders, in relation to the rest of the body, in Sri Lanka ? Tip: it is a...

...sleeping Buddha image and rarely visited by locals or foreign visitors.


Country: Sri Lanka


It should be the Buddha Statue in the MA Wela Gallen Raja Maha Vihara. to reach it, one has to get down right in front of the Kadugannawa Ambalama and go down the steps, down the hillside to this very old cave temple. The reason for the broad shoulders seem to be that the sculptors tried to use the maximum space of the cave, thus the shoulders are quite broad while the rest of the body tapers down towards the feet.
i am not sure about your requirement.but most of the historic anciaent temples have sleeping buddha statues.i recently visited Tantirimale temple off Anuradhapura it has a nice sleeping buddha engraved in a rock..Kotte rajamahavihara temple has a long sleeping buddha statue too.
Well, the normal Buddha statues are made in correct proportions, but the one in MAWELA Gallen Raja Maha Vihara has been made to suit the space under the cave. If you visit it, you will understand.

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