what is the best season to visit north & east of Sri Lanka?


Country: Sri Lanka


hi well question. noly november december are rainy claimate. otherwise any time suitable to move. thanks
Sri Lanka is a typically tropical country with distinct dry and wet seasons. The picture is somewhat complicated by the fact that it is subject to two monsoons: the Yala season (May to August), when the southwest monsoon brings rain to the southern, western and central regions; and the Maha season (October to January), when the northeast monsoon brings rain to the north and east of the island. Temperatures in the low-lying coastal regions are high year round but they rapidly fall with altitude and in the hill country, where it feels like perpetual spring. The highest temperatures are from March through June, while November to January is usually the coolest time of the year. Rainfall is heaviest in the south, southwest and central highlands; the northern and north-central regions are very dry. The best time to visit the west, south coast and hill country is between December and March. May to September is best on the east coast.
Best times to visit the East is between February and July, both months inclusive.
The North, well it is good at any time, though there are lots of things such as roads, hotels and guest houses, restaurants to be developed before real tourism can begin there.
i really don't know about the north part, but May to November is the best time to Travel East Coast, Specially Arugam Bay.... good waves XD
I think Nimasha in Panadura has answered your question well, I endorse it.

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