Small budget wedding at Las Vegas with honeymoon.

We want to have a nice wedding and honeymoon at one of the good hotels in Las Vegas. We are looking at a cost effective hotel where we can have the best experience without burning our packets or feeling we are being miserly. Any suggestions?


City: Las Vegas

State: Nevada

Country: United States


Well Congrats!!!!
As you must know Las Vegas is expensive, but i think i might have a few suggestions for you, what do you want to be doing? i mean it would be good to focus on the activities you wan to do and find a place that has them.
Any of the chapels on the strip are inexpensive and quick. If you are looking for a wedding in one of the major hotels, bring the big bucks. You can even be married by Elvis or Chubaka in the Chapels!
Yeah if you choose one of the smaler independent chapels especially downtown they will be very cheap. Many are struggling to stay open so to keep it inexpensive go to one of the smaller (numerous) chapels. ont forget the drive through wedding lol
Since you are looking for the most bang for your buck I would agree that the small wedding chapels downtown are your best bet. Please follow this link for further information on state of Nevada wedding requirements: If you would like a luxuriously appointed 1 bedroom Condominium for your stay here in Vegas I can provide you with some information about how your could reserve it for the price of a basic hotel room down on the strip? Please feel free to contact me the travelguy4u at and I would be very happy to provide you with a free no obligation quote, pictures and more.

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