What is the fastest way, other than flying, to get to Edinborogh from London ?


Country: United Kingdom


Undoubtedly it's the train. East Coast Main Line. Train from London Kings Cross to Edinburgh Waverley. There are a few a day, and booking on advance might save you money.

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Go onto Transport Direct

put in your start and end destinations and all will be revealed. Double check the suggestions with the appropriate service. Train maybe quicker than plane depending on your start and finish.
Everybody says trains but make sure you check before that there's no Union disputes which could result in Strikes.
Common in UK Strikes.
Otherwise you can always rent a vehicle and drive up to Scotland.
You didn't mention how many days you have available but if you have a few I advise you to visit some of the beautifull places before Scotland.
All the best
Take the train from either London Kings Cross or London Euston. For more information on cheap ways to travel from London to Edinburgh, visit my blog post:

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