I'm planning a short 4-day vacation. Should I go to Hong Kong or Singapore?

Which of the two did you enjoy more? I want an opinion from a tourist's perspective.


Country: Singapore


Hi, I would offer my advises that if you are interested in Hongkong's Disneyland, lots of shopping and harbour tours, go for Hong Kong. Hong Kong also has a marine park and a hill that tourists can go trek. Hong kong is also slightly cheaper than Singapore to visit. If you want to experience tropical weather, visit beaches, like heritage and history stuff, try a huge variety of food from different ethnicities, it's gonna be Singapore. Singapore also has lots to shop for. But Singapore's stuff would be expensive. So depends on your budget as well. I hope my advice is useful to you. Cheers.
If you are in Mainland China now, and you have more than 7days vacation, I will suggest flight to Shenzhen, and take boat to either Macau or Hong Kong for an around travel. It will cheap than any other fare cost, and plenty to see!
Both has it's own merits. It all depends on what you want. You can't compare and apple with an orange can you?
actually, both destination has its own attraction both for family and individuals. But i could only answer the Singapore part, because honestly i've not been to HK before.
If you choose Singapore, you can go to Sentosa Island, Sg Zoo and Night Safari, Sg Flyer, alot of shopping and delicious asian and western food. Singapore is clean, healthy and a fine country. Only thing that I could think that Singapore lack is the DisneyLand.

Anyway, there's no place like home. Happy travelling!

Hi there

For personal preference, i will choose HongKong because of the Shopping & Great food. There's also Disneyland, Ocean Park and some other attractions. There are a few night markets in HongKong, also many shopping centres, the prices being slightly cheaper than Singapore. They do have great food there but the variety isn't as much as Singapore.

However, if you are someone who likes to visit a country with more cultures, Singapore is the one to go for. Singapore has shopping & great food as well. The plus point for Singapore is, being a multi-racial country, there is a wide variety of food to feast on! Singapore also has some must-visit tourist attractions like Sentosa, Night Safari, etc.

It depends on what you prefer =)
I prepare hongkong for a vacation.since you have a short time only.
Every country has their own individual attraction. I can only say about S'pore is that it's a multi-cultural country with variety of food. Lots of places to visits. You can also visit our another island like Pulau Ubin or Kusu Island. Lots of things happening in S'pore, all you need is; what you what to do in S'pore. Good luck and enjoy your stay in S'pore.
Definitely Hongkong. :)

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