What is weather like in Summer

was wondering what weather is like in june and what should I pack for trip there?


Country: United Kingdom


i'm not sure where you want to travel within the UK. so i can't give you very specific advice. but since i've been in london, here's some general information and advice:

june should be quite dry and slightly hot. better if you pack light clothes, especially shorts or baggy pants and t-shirts, linen shirts or comfortable tops (if you're a girl; i don't know who you are). always carry water and your sunglasses. have a digital camera with you if possible so you can shoot pictures, the summer in england or other parts of the UK is quite colorful. what else? have fun.
If you are coming to Cotswolds, temperatures will be between 17-22c, lightweight clothes OK but do not expect it to be very hot, have a light jersey and a light waterproof as rain can come at any time.
Hi there.
How can you tell about the weather in England.
2007 ie Nice April one of the best nice temperature and nice outdoors. June and July 2007 Rain and more rain and believe me that was in the summer. Floods evereywhere, people losing houses, cars and even people losing their lives also.
This year was better but how can you tell.
The best way deppending how long you going to stay is bring shorts and t-shirts but also some clothes that you can wear when the weather is more like september and October.
Good luck
For the past couple of summers, the weather in Scotland has been stunning. Not too much rain necessarily, although you should always come prepared as Scotland is known to experience four seasons in the course of a day!!

So be sure to pack an umbrella, poncho and wellington boots. A pull over or cardigan for cooler evenings as well.

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