What is the name of the Aranya area, covered partly by jungle, consists of one Sakman Maluwa right at the top, and a large pond/lake...

...for the use of meditating Buddhist Monks, and situated near Mihintale ?


Country: Sri Lanka


I dont know I ám here only 5 years, so as Singalees it's easy-er to answer, Sorry
Well, it is Kaludiya Pokuna (Black Pool), right next to the Mihintale Temple complex.
You have to park the vehicles on the roadside and enter this area. Then you step out to see a partly renovated Pond/Lake, which looks still so beautiful and gives the name to it. Strewn around are remnants of the buildings that the monks used. Also nearer to the jungle are some kuti or Huts in various stages of construction, some still used by monks for meditation. If you go up the path through the jungle, then you will pass a few more caves and huts used by the minks for meditation as well as a Sakman Maluwa recently constructed. The older Saman Maluwa is almost at the top. Then pass through two large boulders to come out on the otherside of the mountain to see the unspoilt jungle below. And if you are a bit adventurous, then climb the small bluff on the right hand side to see almost a 300 degree panorama of the jungle and in the distance the Lakes and Dagobas of Anuradhapura
Is it Kaludiya pokuna ?
It is Kaludiya pokuna just by the side of Mihintale.
That is correct, althogh there is another place called Kaudiya pokuna near Kandalama, in Dambulla.

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