Buddhist temples in Thailand that do tattoos?

Searching on the net, I found two different temples that do some tattoos in Thailand. Do you know anything about them? I just want to know if between the two, which is more sanitary and which one does better art? U can't find reviews online but I need to know so that i can make a more informed choice. Thanks!


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I would think that the Buddhist Temple tattoos are being done the traditional way with bamboo. I have a bamboo done tattoo - done by a Thai man who was a monk. I never really thought about the sanitary aspect and am very happy with my tatt. It is not a religious one though. Is there a particular reason why you want your tattoo done at a temple?
Which temples are you referring to?

Wat Bang Phra is the most famous temple for tattoos, Each year they hold a large festival. Tattoos are done in the traditional way using sharp steel rods.
which temples are you talking about? Do you know what kind of tatoo you want to make? get a tatoo froma monk it is nothing like if you go in a shop and choice from a book,but I am sure that you well know that and you have your reason to decide this way. People believes that tatoo protect you from different things, sickness, travel, give you strengh... nothing like fashion it is spiritual but only few monk pratice this real traditional art
i agree with u,tattoos(sakyant) different sakyant gives u different protections,wealth,health,woman,speech and many many more.and there is always a yearly affair wai khru,meaning paying respect to the master.
I agree with Tom, Wat Bang Phra is THE place to go for a traditional holy Tattoo. Wat Bang Phra just about 50 kms west of Bangkok in Nakhon Pathom, tattoos carved into your flesh by mantra-praying monks protect against misery, broken hearts, sickness, even bullets and much more...
there are monks they are name Laung Phor and Arhcan.monks is in orange robes and Archans are in white.its sakyant.not really tattoos.and more to the religion and believe of the indiviual.i am into sakyant.u can go to my face book to take a look,he is my grand master in bkk.he has more then 30 yrs experience and its up to u for the amount of money offering,from yr heart.for sakyant,there is no mention of money,only true from the heart.feel free to ask me more.
I know of three people that have been to Wat Bang Phra for blessings and tattoo's for protection.

So, it seems like a few of us agree! Could definately be worth a visit. Money is not taken, but contributions are given.

now we are talking about holy tatoo (sakyant), right? you will find both in thai monestaries and tatoo masters' houses. the famouse ones are :
1. Archan Nu Kunpai, Patumtanee (he did a holy tatoo for Angelina Jolie)
2. Archan Tun Kongton, BangBonn
3. Luangpo Lae, Wat Pha Song, Patchaburi
4. Wat BangPhra, Nakornpatum (there are many famous archans)
5. Luangpo Prateang, Wat Danchareanchai, Patchaboon
6. Prawirut , Wat Sonmamao, Changrai
7. Archan Seun (tiger), Ngamwongwan, Bangkok
they are all famous.
my Master is Archan Thong,he is the one who do the saykant for contender asia fighters in singapore.i have been to his house a few times for blessings,and those who are into sakyant will know 'special' things happen....
my Master is Archan Thong,he is the one who do the saykant for contender asia fighters in singapore.i have been to his house a few times for blessings,and those who are into sakyant will know 'special' things happen....
I have not been to any tatoos in temples, but the medicine, treatment, surgery and medical hygiene in Thailand is probably the best in the world and at the right prices. Medical vacations for plastic surgery, etc. are the best prices in the world.
I suggest you go to a certified tattoo parlour.
Traditional tatoo uses sharp bamboo shards and is painful
As far as the art is concerned you can take pictures you can find on the tatoo links on my website where you will find links to other similar things, and ask the local artist to modify them for you or pick from some of theirs at the shop
I see many wonderful tattoos on the people of Thailand who enjoy them
You can even try out with a henna tattoo which fades in a week or so
I hope this is enough for you if you need any more help please mail me.
Good luck
Guy Lakeman
I have consulted with some local Thai friends here in Pattaya and I was informed that tattoos done by monks at temples are not recommended as it usually associated with "magic", be it black or white. The Thais have a very strong believe in "magic" from monks, be they good or bad. Tattoos done at temples are very basic and in plain blue ink with no colours. The tattoos are usually of Buddhist images or something related. There are 100's of professional tattoo studios here in Thailand and you would be ill advised to have a tattoo done at any temple unless you are into the "magic" thing in which case I can't help you. As far as I know there are no temples here in Pattaya that do tattoos on a commercial basis. I hope this gives you some insight.
The art can be good from traditional style (I have two) but they take longer than a machine a hurt more. Get one done once just for the novelty.
i heard that they only do traditional tattoos with bamboo by monks, so if u want a picture or something you may have to go somewhere eles
ANNUAL TATOO FESTIVAL !!!! I just read on Bangkok post (news paper Sunday edition):
" Thousands of believers nationwide travel to Wat Bang Phra in Nakhon Pathom to attend the annual tattoo festival to have their bodies adorned with tattoos and to pay respects to the temple's master tattooist. They believe the tattoos have mystical powers, warding off bad luck and protecting them from harm."
u are right,ppl name is wai kru,meaning paying respect to your master
A mate of mine who did some Thai boxing when he was here went to a temple about an hour and a half outside Bangkok (not sure of the name) to get one done. Really nice artwork - He said the experience was great and no worries with sanitation
unless you need a traditional 'blessed' religious tattoo (which doesn't belong to REAL buddhism practice & philosophy anyway!) i would recommend any good PRIVATE tattoo salon here, thailand is one of the best & cheapest places in the world for that and as someone already pointed out here the sanitary standards are usually high.
Traditional Thai Bamboo tattoos are very sanitary. The skin does not bleed and the risk of infection is nil. You can even go swimming after the tattoo is done, and you don't have the useual peeling of skin off the tattoo, like when it is done by machine. The only thing is, it takes longer to do as this is truly an art form.
On Phuket, there is only one person I would recommend and the person may be found here on :-

Good luck in your quest.
I know about 1 Thai temple that provide a beautiful tattoo and the name of the guy who do your tattoo is called "Ajarn noo gunpai"

the famouse tattoo artist (in the Buddhist/Spiritual way)
if you see the tattoo on Jolie's back...that what he did.
yeah WAT BANG PHRA it's the famous one... I have been doing tattoo with monks there .. my back full of them. the location is in NAKORN PRATHOM PROVINCE
WAT BANG PHRA is the place to do. About 1,5 hour drive from Bangkok.

Good luck.


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