Do you know what is the first ever recorded National park in the word? declared by one of our kings.(Singhalese)


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There is Authentication to confirm that it is the first ever recorded National park in the word? for sure it is the First ever National Park in the Country.

It happened When Arahath Mahinda appeared in Mihintale, Tissa, later Devanampiya Tissa was one of the earliest rulers of Sri Lanka based at the ancient capital of Anuradhapura from 307 BC to 267 BC. His reign was notable for the arrival of Buddhism in Sri Lanka under the aegis of Mauryan Emperor Ashoka. The primary source for his reign is the Mahavamsa, which in turn is based on the more ancient Dipavamsa.

The king Davanam Piyatissa declared the Missaka area the foot of Mihintale as a National Park and a Sanctuary for all living beings.

It is good that you asked this question, I am an Environmentalist and a Conservationist and I have asked this question in open forums but people does not know.

However it is supposed to be the first ever National Park in the World but correct verification is needed?
Hhintale snctury in Anuradhapura is the first recoerded national park in the world.
Although I too believe that the Mihintale Sanctuary was the first to be declared as such in the world, the Tree Huggers pop Quiz () says that the first ever National Park was created in the year 1872 in the USA. The Yellowstone National Park.
Anil is right according to the context of Aerican history. Sadly Americans did not conduct a survey or check whether there were any other such places before they declared Yellowstone as the first sanctuary in the world. However, according to historical evidence available in our part of the world, Mihintale is believed to be the first.
Ther are so many things that Sri Lanka has excelled in, not only now but in the past too. Sadly these are not given the proper exposure nor thee proper importance. Take foe example the system of irrigation that our country had, and still uses to a great extent. There is no other country in the world with thousands of man made lakes as we have. Even the modern Engineers are amazed when they see the engineeing feats of our ancestors. the Arts and Crafts, Our music, our dances are all unique and unparalled.
I think it is Mihintale Sanctuary
Mihintale sanctuary but it is not a national park we mean in present time
Mahamewna uyana

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