How much is it one day tour from Ilat to Petra back to Ilat

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Country: Jordan


It will cost you 430$/person but not from Eilat, it will be from the border with Aqaba & no visa cost included. Maximum 3 people. you will need to give a notice of one week before the trip.
I'm not a tour guide or travel service provider, but you can definitely get a 1-day tour from Eilat to Petra at your budget. There are quite a few tour companies that do the day trip from Eilat, for around $140-$160 per person. Of course, you will be part of a group.
Private tours are in the range of $230-$280 per person, if there are 2 of you.
Best to just google "tours eilat petra", and you'll find loads of choice.
399 for 2 persons USD including a meal in aqaba and from the borders not ilat
2 person about one day about 500$ include mails an siteseen
Well, it is better to give you a break down for the cost:
- Transportation cost will be 50 Jod per day the fees for renting tourist car.
- There will be a fees for entering to Petra site about 30 JOD per person.
- My guiding fees will be 75 Jod per two person, as I have to travel from Amman to Aqaba to pick you up and return back. As cost of transportation is 25 Jod plus guiding is 50 Jod.
- If we sum up we came with the following estimated budget:
About 185 Jod.
Note: 1 Jod = 1.41 USD
Note: for full coverage to Petra historical site it needs a three days. Full detailed offer can be given apone request.
150 Us $ for 2
will be taxi 40 jd tikkit 21 jd each back 50 jd thats it
Your Budget is ideal for this small trip 100$ for one person, 180$ for 2 persons.
the price will be 126 per pax including the following ( Meet&Assisit, Transportaion from the border to petra and back to border, local guide ,lunch ,Horse Ride ,Service Charge, Entrance Fees to Petra , Tips for the guide ,car with driver ).and this is my mobile number 00962 799541444.
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see the petra and hear all the secrets abt the pinky city

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