when is the Kandy asala perahara in this year? ( starting date and The End)


Country: Sri Lanka


Although the Dates for the Prahera has not yet been set, the starting date should be the 15th of July with the 1st Kumbal Perahera and End with the Day Perahera on the 25th (Poya) Sunday of July.
You are probably correct in assuming these dates to be the ones in question as Esala Poya is on Sunday the 25th of July.
Anil Pathmaperuma has already answered you. Dates are not fixed yet and the dates he gives you are very probably those.
The historic Esala Perahera in Kandy began on July 18, with the usual installation of the 'kapa' (sanctified log) at the devales dedicated to the four guardian gods Natha, Vishnu, Kataragama and goddess Pattini. It will be followed by the Devale peraheras from 18 to 21, and by the Kumbal perahera from 22 to 26.

The Randoli perahera, the most grandiloquent of the peraheras will parade the streets from 27 to 31. The ritual of the water-cutting ceremony will be held on August 1, followed by the Day perahera on the 2nd thus, bringing the grand spectacle to an end.

Seven days after the Day perahera, as tradition holds, 'Waliyaknetuma'(an abridged form of Kohomba-kankariya) is danced at the Vishnu devale, by people of the 'balibat' caste, for seven more days, with masked dancing, to avoid malignant influences.

This is a general account of the Esala perahera in Kandy, which has changed in detail down the ages, e.g., during the Kandyan period two peraheras were held, one by evening and one by night, preferably during the Randoli perahera.
Normally the dates are fixed according to the astrologers predictions.Normally the last day is Full moon day at the end of July or full moon day at the biggining of Auhust.Still the dates are not fixed as the ather two has explined.You can go to websites for the official updates of the perehara dates when it is fixed.

The Kimbal Perahara starts on the 15th Aug and runs through to the 19th Aug.
From 20th There will be the Randoli Perahara ( More grand one). Randoli will run through to the 24th(Every night). On the 25th there will be a Day Perahara which is the final Perahara according to the tradition.

Hope this is informative.

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