Food in Singapore I should avoid?

I'm American and will be in Singapore for a few days. What are their foods there that I should avoid? Will eating raw/uncooked food make me sick? Can I drink their tap water or should I stick to bottled ones? I don't want to be sick while travelling.


Country: Singapore


Dear Nancy, glad to know that you are coming to Singapore. What is the duration of stay and the actual dates?
There's a great variety of food choices in Singapore. Personally, do you have any allergy? If not, most food in Singapore are well-taken care of, basically I eat whatever I like to have, eg. raw sushi. Tap water can be consumed in Singapore. You'll have a great time here. We may meet if the time is right:) Cheers, Elynn
Hi Nancy,

Can I safely assume that this your first trip to Singapore?
If yes, brace yourself for something you'd never expect anywhere in Asia - Singapore is a Beautiful, Modern, Safe, Wonderful and a Forward Looking nation, with everything that you can expect from a DEVELOPED country co-exisiting in perfect harmony with Asian values, culture and tradition. a national pastime here! We love our food!
Singapore, since it is a developed country and relies on tourism as its mainstay, has cuisines from ALL over the world, everywhere!
So if you want your usual grub of McDs, Starbucks, Burger Kings, KFCs or Pizza Huts, we got it all.
But I suggest you be a little adventurous and try out our local food such as Satay, Chilli Crab, Hokkien Mee, Prawn Mee (Mee - Noodles), Chicken Rice (National Dish!), Wanton Mee, Fishball Noodles, Laksa, Fish Head Curry, Char Kway Teow, Biryani....the list is endless!
And here in Singapore, EACH AND EVERY Food Stall, be it at a Hawker Centre or at an Upmarket Food Court, HAS TO, BY LAW, display a certificate of hygiene given by the authorities, ranging from A to D. So look out for that cert and you'd be fine. Rest assured, if anyone was selling suspect quality or unhygienic food, their license would be cancelled immediately.
Do not miss the Sashimi and Sushi at Liang Court or Central or any other Japanese restaurant like Sakae Sushi (I don't understand what else you meant by Raw Food?)
Water - Ah, well...our water is known to be one of the safest in the world. We can drink out of a Tap but most of us still have that Asian mindset wherein we boil out Tap water and then drink it, just to be doubly sure. Yes, since you're here for only a few days, it is advisable to carry Bottled water when you're moving around. Water is cheap, I suggest you visit our local Supermarkets like Fairprice, Carrefour, 7-11 etc and load up on your water supply, shouldn't cost you more than S$ 20 to stock up on water.
Now, even after all this you get sick...well...then we know where the problem lies, don't we?!
Have a safe trip to Singapore and enjoy your stay!
P.S - There are a zillion things to see and do in Singapore too!
Hi Nancy,

1) foods to avoid
singapore's level of cleanliness is well-known world-wide, so theres isnt much to fear about when having meals here. so feel free to eat whatever you like. but do steer clear of foods that you might be allergic to, as for raw foods, especially singapore have a tropical climate, best to consume raw foods as soon as they are served, try not to leave them lying around for hrs.

2) bottled water : tap water in singapore is safe for consumption. but bottled water is definitely easier to carry around ;)

How long will you be in Singapore? Singapore food are hardly served raw or uncooked. If you cannot eat spicy food, avoid those as most Singaporean loves spicy food. As for tap water it is safe to drink but having bottled drink it is easy to carry around. Singapore is hot country. You should wear a hat or have an umbrella just in case you can't take the heat.
Hola Nancy,

A big welcome to Singapore soon!

Generally, all foods in Singapore are clean & safe to consume. However, it depends on your personal allergy and preference of food, eg, should avoid spicy stuff if you dont usually take spicy food or if you havent tried raw food like sashimi and have a weak stomach, perhaps you should avoid.

Tap water in Singapore is one of the safest in the world to drink. You cant be sick from drinking the tap water here. =)

Hope you'll have great fun here!
Hi Nancy
Welcome to singapore. Well if you're not allergy to anything i recommend you should try the Hainan Chicken Rice, Fried Hokken Mee, Laska, Mee Siam etc etc... Eating raw food in singapore won't make you sick but than it's still recommended that you don't consume raw food with an empty stomach. Drinking in tap water is fine but it'll be best to carry a bottle with you wherever you go, as weather in singapore is hot and humid.

Enjoy your stay in singapore :)
Singapore is one of the most (if not THE most) hygienic and clean places in Southeast Asia when it comes to food and water. Tap water is safe to drink, but bottled water is available widely as well. When it comes to raw/uncooked food, you might care to note that there are hardly any roadside stalls (like in Bangkok or Hanoi) here, because the Singaporean authorities have made it a point to move all the food sellers into hygienic, well-managed "food centers" and "food courts", the latter being air-conditioned and more comfortable of the two. When it comes to food, don't worry about getting sick, just worry about deciding what to eat, because there is so much choice! Hope you have a wonderful stay in Singapore!
Singapore is a food haven. The only food that one should avoid are those that is not to one's preference. Otherwise, I suggest you try out as much local food such as laksa, mee siam, pratas, chicken rice, sambal stingray, hokkien mee, bak kut teh, carrot cake, oyster omelette, and so many more.

Water from tap is ok. But if you prefer bottled water is everywhere.

Hope you will enjoy your trip.
Rest assured that you can eat whateva food you fancy. The food here's Hygienic & its safe even at the Hawker centres. Would recommend the Hainanese Chicken Rice, Katong Laksa & Peranakan Dishes at Chilli Padi(at North Bridge Rd, cheap Buffet style.) Satay & Chilly Crabs is also something you should try. If you cant take spicy food,then avoid those with chilly. No,taking raw food wont make you sick. Not to Worry,tap water in Singapore is Safe to drink. Hope you Enjoy your stay in Singapore. Cheers :o)
hey Nancy,

well U just eat to ur heart's delight!! :P and enjoy!
Singapore is one of the best & cleanest place for you!
Raw food won't make u sick at all, unless u have allery etc....!!! If not eat all u can! U can lose weight when u go back home hahaha :) Follow yr heart and enjoy ur trip!

Tap water u can drink it from anywhere, not only in hotels okay. And bottled water u can buy it frm anywhere so long as u have dollars n cents hehe :)

Hmmm nothing else, except be Sporty & Adventurous that is how U can survive in a land with plenty of food to offer:P
(Chinese, western, indian, malay, is available and much more....... U will be shocked till u drop!) :)

AshleY ^^
Bon Voyage :)
Hi Nancy,

Seems like you had already get all the great advice from the Experts.

I hope that you will enjoy your stay here and we will also glad to show you around and eat all the good food.

Hi Eric,

Hey, You gave a simple but great answer. That's nice of you in wanting to bring them (guests) around for good food if there's an OpportunitY!

WondeR if you have actually brought any tourist/visitors for our nice local food?
Did they like it?

I guess you must be a great food hunter, maybe someday we could go 4 some nice food.
Yeah :)

I think you are pretty good at it :)
I tried a great place for Turkish food. Great!
Do U have more suggestions of venues with turkish food?

Oh, I really like middle eastern food with all its herbs & spices....yummy!

Thanks Eric & all Experts! :)


Looks like you've got all the answers you need. You don't have to worry as Singapore is well-known in Southeast Asia as a food paradise. There's almost every single type of delicacy from Latin to Western and Asian in Singapore. If you wish to try out food from the hawker stalls, do check their cleanliness grade. Most carry either a grade A or B which means their cleanliness is rated good by the government.
About the tap water here? Well, personally, I drink it from the tap and so far, I'm still living so that pretty much answer your questions.
Do enjoy your stay in SG!
Hi Nancy,
Water in Singapore is very safe. You can drink straight from the tap.If you like to try the local food, you might want to start with Fried rice & progress to Chicken rice. Eating raw & cold foods are generally fine but depending on your body constitution, you might want to avoid having them for breakfast. Avoid raw eggs though.
I think you've got quite a bit of informational answers already so I'll add just one little advice - stay away from our chillis if you are not used to taking spicy food. Or bring an antacid along. :)
Basically everything in singapore is safe to eat and also the water from the tap is safe
Thanks for sharing such a wonderful piece of information. I must say that while reading your post I found my thoughts in agreement with the topic that you have discussed, which happens very rare.
I think there is no food in Singapore that should be avoided. I just love the food of Singapore be it Spanish, Chinese or Italian.

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