I just want to know how is working as a chef in France?



Country: France


I am very lucky because I do not "work" as a chef, but do that for "pleasure". I am a partner of French Escapade, the travel company, and I have cooked for some of their tours when they first started. Now I mainly organize their workshops, food events and act as a gastronomy consultant on their trips: best restaurants, wine tasting, etc... It has been a pleasure to start the French Escapade adventure and see the company grow into what it is now.
All their cooking workshops involve different chefs, from pastry to chocolate making, from local cuisine to top gourmet classes. Check their cooking trips at or my recipes at
Working as a chef in France can be challenging yet rewarding. The challenging part is getting hired by one of the many gourmet retaurants and the rewarding part of course is with this experience you'll be albe to work literally anywhere in the world. You could also research for work through french gourmet publications and the instituts such as Cordon bleu for leads. good luck!
Getting a job as a chef will probably not be easy in this economic climate but why not!! There will always be vacancies especially in the summer season. Good luck and I hope you enjoy your experiences.

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