What would be the best way to recruit Thai chefs/cooks to work in Ukraine?


Country: Thailand


Hi Russel
Offer lots of money and a secure job position.Sign a contract and protect their best interests.
Good luck.
Hi Graham, thanks for the answer, but not quite what I meant to ask. I should have been more specific - should I use a recruitment agency, is there a job market, how are jobs usually found in Thailand? Does 'word-of-mouth' get much response?
Graham is right MONEY. However the Thai government does have an agency you can go through. It is set up to make sure Thai workers are not exploited abroad. In each case MONEY. You have to show that you have a nice place for them to live, where, how far from work, salary amount, potential advancement in the company.

New businesses abroad do not look favorable to the Overseas Employee Relations Board in Thailand. No one knows who you are or your real intentions.

Just the fact no bias. So many women and men are lured away with false intent. Hope you have your paper work in order. Business license, established address for your business, rental agreement or shop ownership papers and prof of business ownership. Insurance arrangements, agreement with your local government to hire migrant or Thai workers, address where they will stay and phone number. How much is their salary. legal rights and agreements, provisions and funds should they want to return to Thailand. Contract agreements and all lawyer and governments approved agreements.

I know as my good friend has a very successful business in Austin Texas. He is Thai and went through all this. He has been is business now for more than 20 years with 3 restaurants and over 100 Thai Employees. Khantoke, carry out only and diner.

Ok, well if you want to use Direct Recruitment through a website, the best would be , do not bother with the others as the language skills would be missing, this would be the best jobsite and the chances of finding the highest level of language skills. TOEFL scores are possibly your best way of recognising a the language ability, would suggest 550 as your minimum and 700 as what you would really like. Your biggest area of worry is the ability to get them a Visa, there is an overwhelming amount of concern for Thais going overseas due to some bad apples in the past, also, how will you do the final interviews, taste test etc etc.

Have a look at Jobsdb first, and then if no good, come back and I can put you in touch with a number of agencies, however you may work out the hospitality type agencies as tehy will advertise in the same place.

Good luck
Come to Thailand, nose around, go to restaurants, do your cooking classes, and you likely find someone, who will appeal to you. Please don't underestimate the "personal factor" when hiring a Thai!
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