I'm interested in visiting Thailand - maybe Bangkok, but not necessarily. I will be opening a Thai restaurant in Ukraine, and will...

...also be looking to recruit chefs in the future. This is a research trip, and I want to take cooking classes so I will have a good understanding of the restaurant. Any help or suggestions appreciated.


Country: Thailand


From your question I derive that you haven't booked your cooking classes at any place yet. I would believe for you as a owner and manager of a restaurant in Ukraine it would be important to try yourself as many restaurants as possible around the country as there are substantial differences in the regional cuisines, and determine, which are suitable to the Ukrainian taste.
As the Thai cuisine heavily depends on vegetables, herbs and condiments it might be important, too to consider which of these products might be substituted by Ukrainian grown produce in order to get your your costs down.
Another point I could think of, is to talk to probably existing importers in your country of Thai products into Ukraine prior to your trip, or even think about to establishing your own import links. I do know that the Thai government is supporting the establishments of Thai restaurants abroad, but do not know details.
Contacting your embassy here in Bkk or your chamber of commerce (if one exists) may help, too.
Hi Wilfried, thanks for the ideas. I haven't booked classes yet, and would appreciate any information about short-term cooking classes - especially contact details.
I want to organise suppliers too when we employ cooks. I am unaware of any importers of Thai products, although a few ingredients are available from a few Chinese merchants - but not specifically Thai.
There are lots of, not only in Bkk, but in Chiangmai, Phuket, and any other place where tourists venture. If you would arrive today, you could start tomorrow. I have done a couple of courses in Chiangmai, however feel they adjust too much to the western tongue, however that might not be too wrong as many people in the west don't like hot food.
If you choose a cooking school, make sure you take one, which includes a tour of a typical local Thai market prior to the cooking as the vegetables and herbs are the essential ingredients, which make the Thai cuisine so special. And it is essential that you know those!
try the cooking in a little different way at our Khum Lanna.
Hi Russell
Good questions. I like Wilfried's answers. In Thailand each little town or street has it's own unique food or cooking styles. You have north, south, middle, east, west and central. Each area has some specific ingredient for that particular region.
Then you get Thai food that farangs will eat and those that farangs don't eat. Durians spring to mind here. I personally like the durians and there unique taste.
In Chaing Mai, the mountain people also love eating bugs and crawling insects etc, don't know if that would go down too well in the Ukraine.
But come here on a fact finding mission, go to Chaing Mai, Isaan, Bangkok and Phuket to get a good taste of the local fare.
I cannot be more specific, but you have a really specialised field of interest and I wish you well on your quest.
I would go to Chiang Mai in the North. It is famous for their cooking classes and it is a great place to learn about Thai culture and ingredients. Also, down south in Phucket would be great for southern style of cooking and there are many classes there as well. Thailand has many different types of dishes depending on which region you are in. Isan food is great and that is located where I am, and my wife is a fabulous teacher if you are interested. Hope this helps.
hi i think all you need has been answered below, personnally i can't think of an easier food to cook, there are only a handf-ull of flavours and limited choice of vegetables etc used. like all simple cuisines the best is always that cooked in the home of a friend by a mother or old family retainer, with their recipes in their blood and not in a book. some people argue the street food is best, but in reality it is made from inferior products, often in over used oils etc.freshness and good meat is king, the minimum of salt sugar oil, avoid palmoil and over white rice, if your in bangkok there is a thai cafe, name forgotton that recently moved from silom, to the brumngrad hospital (open to public) in sukhumvit, it makes the cleanest flavoured fresh thai food i ever ate in the city.
Dear Russell
There are many cooking class in bangkok but you prefer thai food ,you should learn at Mandarin Oriental hotel where is the famous about thai food ,Dusit hotel too. if you prefer short term ,i suggest Dusit hotel.
If you need more , let me know by emai:

Looking forward to hearing from you

Best regards

I visited Thailand in February and March, but thanks for your answer. I loved the country and really enjoyed the cooking classes. Much of the food is too hot for my taste, but there were still many dishes which I loved. I even tried durian, even though it wasn't properly in season - and the reports of its bad smell do not describe it adequately - but the taste was quite good. Locals who tasted it said that it is much nicer when it is in season.
If you need chef ,let me know because my friend who used to learn at Mandarin Oriental at Bangkok and she works as teacher at Vanila factory around siam by S and P restaurant.
Thanks for your nice message


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