"must see" and "must do" while visiting San Francisco

We will be visiting mid-May and we will be staying for 5 days. We want to explore San Francisco and not go those common tourist spots but don't want to miss anything really good. Can you suggest the best places that we can go to that are very popular with the locals? We want to make the most of our stay and explore the city. Thank you very much for your suggestions!


City: San Francisco

State: California

Country: United States


Depending on your interest you may want to consider either (or all) of these:
1. Cycling on Golden Gate Bridge
2. Ocean beach - beautiful and known for surfing but not swimming as currents are very strong. As you move uphill, there's a vast expanse of land. You park your car and walk down. It get's a little rocky now and on the right you'll see a rock looking like a cave. Walk inside and a small but amazing experience awaits you. The sound of water is mind blowing. It's like a cave on an ocean. There's a little opening in the rock through which you can see the waves.
3. Golden Gate Park if you are a nature lover.
4. Walk/Drive down Lombard Street.
5. They say San Francisco is like a staircase, and a nice way to get the feel of steep up and down roads is to ride a cable car.
Hope this helps. Enjoy your stay.
The MOMA, deYoung Museum, The Zoo, Golden Gate Bridge and Park, Exploratorium, Academy of Science Museum, Union Square, Hayues Valley, Potrero Hill, Marina, Fort Point - for more local stuffs go to

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