Transportation from airport in Sao Paulo to Santos.

We are arriving at the airport in Sao Paulo on the afternoon of March 12, 2009 and would like to have an English speaking driver pick us up at the airport and take us to Fogo de Chao for dinner and then to the hotel in Santos. Also, what hotels in Santos are close the the port. Thank you in advance.


Country: Brazil


I'm sorry but I can't help you :(
If you come to Florianopolis will be my pleasure help you guys.
Hello guys... Unfortunately I don't know about any driver who speaks English.
But what the arriving time? if it's gonna be at night, maybe I can pick up you guys... and enjoy the famous Brazilian Barbecue (Churrasco). About that restaurant, there are different address...
Follow the link about " Fogo de Chao"

Take care guys.
If you have more doubts, just let me know... It's gonna be my pleasure to answer that!!

Hi there! I know some people from Santos that would be able to help you. They work at the port for my company, you can write to Marcus from Link Tours:
I spoke with a professional driver and the price for this service with him would be R$500 (brazilian reais, around US$222). Or I could get a friend of mine to do it with his car and I would go together to do the english speaking part - we can do it for R$400 (around US$178), to pay the gas and our time.

About hotels in Santos, I don't think that are any near the port - and even if there is, it's not a nice area at all. These are the links of two good ones there (I was born in Santos and know everything there). It is a small city, a taxi from one of this hotels wouldn't be much more than R$20 (US$9).

Contact me at
Hey Guys,

If you are arriving at Congonhas airport i sugest you take a radio taxi () to Fogo de Chao, which is very close to the Congonhas airport. Some of the taxi drivers speak english, you should ask for english speaking drivers at the radio taxi reception in Congonhas Airport. There you should ask the driver to take you to Santos. I guess the trip to Santos with the radio taxi will cost you up to R$ 500, and its advisable to agree with the taxi driver upon the total value of the trip to Santos before leaving Sao Paulo.

If you want a cheaper solution you can rent a car at the airport with a GPS and drive by yourself to Santos. You may get a nice car for R$ 250 per day and you will be able to drive in Santos the next day.
Sorry but i can't help you regarding Hotels in Santos.
Best Regards,
I´m sorry. This service is requested by Sao Paulo. But if you go dinner in Fogo de Chão you will looove it! I hope you find the shuttle service.
In the airport you can get a cab to the restaurant, most of drivers in the airport speaks English. You can negociate with the driver about the trip to Santos, it´s not that far. And about hotels, you can check on - it´s in portuguese, but there is a list of hotels on the front page.
If I´d be you, I´d just take a taxi at the airport to Fogo de Chão in 23 de Maio Avenue. The ride should cost you around $50. Then, take another cab to the bus station in Jabaquara where there are buses to Santos - Ponta da Praia hourly and they cost about $7 per person and take 1 hour and a half. From there, you can take a taxi to your hotel. Fogo de Chão is about $40 per person. A private driver should be a bit more expensive then your budget.
I am sorry guys but I am in Curitiba Parana now and days, I wish you the best on your trip. If you need anything about here please let me know
Hello, I live in Campinas but I think I can help you! As i work at IBM we have a tax company that attend us and there are a lot of tax drivers speaking english. If you want, my msn/email is ! Good luck!
sorry, but i´m in rio, not in sao paulo.
If you like I can hell as I speak fluent English. If you like you can call me my VOIP phone number is 312-473-3495 ask for Samuel.
I'm sorry but I can't help you :(
If you come to Bahia will be my pleasure help you guys.
I'm also sorry. I live in Fortaleza. Good luck!
I'm from Santos and i will be happy to show you around, and take you anywhere you like it.
Unfortunately, i can't bring you to come to Santos. But i can arrange some transportation if you prefer.
In my opinion the hotels near the port aren't good. If you prefer i can book some place nice and near the beach. The hotels near the beach are some much better. If you need to go to the port i can show you around.

I will be happy if you came to this great city.
Hi. About the cab, definetely it will be pretty easy to find it. Most of them at the airport speak english. And you really picked the right of my favorites, I lived in Atlanta for a while and used to go there for dinner. Well, unfortunetely I'm from the very south of Brazil, is Santa Catarina, so I can't help about the hotels in Santos. But I'm pretty sure that there are lots of them, specially really good ones by the port. You'll love Santos. I hope that you'll enjoy your trip, and if I can help with something else let me know. Thanks as well.
Sorry, I´m from Belo Horizonte, but surely someone from localyte will help you !!1
Hello guys!
I have a friend who can pick you up in the airport. After a dinner in Fogo de Chão he can take you to Santos and help you to find a hotel. He is a great driver and speak english very well...
This may cost R$350 brazillian Reais (US$ 152).
Call me or send a message: 55 11 93906193
Sory, but i live in Belo Horizonte, would love to help , may be next time!

Enjoy your time in Brasil.
I am a renowned travel operator and I strongly suggest you to grab the offer from Luisa Sobral, she's offering an excellent service at an incredible price.

Now if you need a hotel in Santos we can arrange for that, just contact our company at
from looking at the maner in which you placed your words together.

I already know what you want and where to get it ... everything else is just details.

Should you be in the Fortaleza area ... you will get the most secure and private service.

thanks for your time.

take care
there are two ways.:
By bus or by taxi!
The taxi option must can easy and secure !
Hello !!! the next time that you need anything , please contact me and I will be very glad to help you . I have a ground transportation company and partners all over brazil .the best prices for hotels and transportations all over brazil
I am so late to write you an answer but any tour guide can take you with safety. I wish I could know how was your trip to Brazil.
I really wish I could help you!
I know someone who knows everything about Santos. I wish I could have written here before!
I realise this answer is too late for the original poster, but for others looking for transportation from Sao Paulo airport I would be happy to recommend Sao Paulo Airport Taxis (). Not sure if they provide transport as far as Santos, but worth contacting them in case.

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