We want to visit New Zealand,think it's a beautiful country. Have you been there/

Please share your experiences in New Zealand.Which places did you visit and what was special there?Best places to eat in and shop? How were your hotels? Anything specific to share with us?We're planning to be there tis May. Thank You!!


Country: Australia


Hi there,i live in Australia not New Zealand,i have never been to New Zealand so i am sorry that i can not help you with your questions.
Hi, I have been to New Zealand before. It was quite a while ago when I was fairly young, but I know, from memory and from our photo's, that NZ is absolutely beautiful. I have also heard from many people that it is a great place to go skiing. Just make sure that if you are going in winter that you take warm clothes becasue it gets very cold!
I have been to New Zealand several times it is a great place to visit. I would highly recommend the Queenstown area for action like night clubs, bungee jumping, jet boating etc. If you go a little more south it is quieter and very lovely, it is where they filmed the LOR movies.
hi i'm just trying to help you and hope i can help through this.i just do some research for u to guide.

happy trip...and good luck
Kia Ora. Hi New Zealand is awesome. I have lived in Wellington and took a ferry to Picton and to Queen Charlotte walk.

Also check out

This website will give you everything you want to know about NZ.

Hi there - I live in Auckland and have travelled a lot of NZ - would be happy to help answer any specific questions you have.... re places to shop and eat(depends on budget). Where will you mostly be staying ... auckland or travelling around; will you hire a car, or fly; do you like sport/adventure etc.
I went to New Zealand when I was 5 years old, so as you can imagine, my memory is limited. We stayed in Auckland (outer suburbs somewhere). I can remember Rotarua (sulphur mud flats); The Glow worm cave (which were very pretty); and the bumble bees (furry yellow & black bees that 'bumble' as they fly). That was in 1976, nowadays they have fishing tours, mountain climbing tours, jet boat tours, wildlife tours and much more! Mind you, that was on the North island, we never went to the South Island. I plan to go there in 5 or 6 years when our daughter is older. Hope this has enlightened you a little!
i'm just trying to help you and hope i can help through this.i just do some research for u to guide.


have a nice trip
Well if you want the more beautiful places in New Zealand best to go to the south island, although there is a lot to do in Auckland (in the north). If you're looking for eating and shopping, look up Wellington and Auckland. It might be a good idea to fly to wellington, because then you can take a ferry to the south island, or a bus or train up the north island. There is a really nice scenic train trip that will take you all the way up the north island, from Wellington to Auckland, i'll add a link . Hope that helps : )
Hi there,

Everyone is right - New Zealand is a beautiful country and offers a wide range of activities, some spectacular scenery and a wide variety of dining options.

If you are after scenery, the South Island is definitely the way to go, however, as mentioned, the North Island certainly offers the visitor a wide range of options as well. It really depends on how much time you actually have on your hands, but if you have 14 nights or more, you could certainly consider covering both islands on a bit of a sightseeing tour.

One option that hasn't been mentioned is travelling via campervan / motorhome. The fly/drive market is probably one of the more popular methods of traversing the country, with a wide range of options to drive and stay right throughout both islands.

To do it on the cheap, and if you are able to wait to book this option, I would recommend Apollo motorhomes, who often have great "last minute" relocation deals on motorhomes from only $1 per day! You can check their relocation offers here

Other than that, I am happy to help with any questions you may have, and as a Travel Manager, I am only to happy to assist in helping you put some plans together. Just let me know.

I hope this helps!

Kind regards,
Hi I am from New Zealand. I have travelled to over 60 countries in the world and New Zealand in my opinion is in the top three most beautiful places in the world. You need a minimum of two in the north and one in the south island. You will be very glad that you came.......It is exotic and alluring. An absolute must in your travel itinerary if you dont want to miss out

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