I want to visit the "untouristy" places in Golan Heights. Can you suggest where I should go?

I wish to explore places that are not in the usual tourist gamut of oland Heights. I'm specifically interested in nature and archeological sites. Any locals who could suggest the best places to visit?


Country: Israel


There is a site of the golan in English and you can find everything in there. don't be afraid to look into "tourism" it is a local tourism and it is great.
there is alot of nature - rivers - small ones in the golan.

there is a geep tour which is a very good one with guides that realy take you to the best places.


NOTE: A rental car is pretty much a must for all of these.
NOTE: There are several places in the Golan sign-posted as uncleared MINE FIELDS dating from the period before 1967; pay attention and do not enter these areas.

GAMLA: A perfect mix of nature and archaeology: the GAMLA Nature Reserve. Watch vultures, eagles, etc. soaring & nesting; waterfall; hiking trails; ancient Byzantine village remains (near visitors center). If you have time (make time!) hike down to the ancient Jewish town site itself, preferably with Flavius Josephus in hand (War 4:1-83)-- the remains are very evocative of both ancient Jewish life there and the town's destruction by the Romans in 67 CE; be sure to see the synagogue and the restored olive oil factory!
SEE {}

For other Golan National Parks and Nature Reserves, SEE

The Yehudiya Forest NE of the Sea of Galilee is a beautiful natural area with hiking trails along streams and waterfalls. If you're a "water person", take a dip in the Meshushim Pools with their unusual geological formations.

A little further north is the Gilbon Reserve, with more hiking trails and waterfalls.

"Off the beaten track" archaeology:

* Rujum el-Hiri - Mysterious ancient stone circles, just east of the Gamla area. You'll need a good map and hiking boots; access is via unpaved farm roads which are probably gated. There are published articles on the site.

* Um al-Qanatir - A very interesting ancient synagogue site undergoing state-of-the-art scientific analysis and reconstruction. Access is via back roads west of Natur settlement. SEE: Biblical Archaeology Review, Nov. 2007: "RISING AGAIN: HI-TECH TOOLS RECONSTRUCT UMM EL-KANATIR", by Susan Singer.

KATZRIN, a reconstructed Talmudic village, is interesting but may be a bit too 'touristy' for your purposes.

NIMROD FORTRESS way up north, an astounding 13th-century castle perched on an impossible mountain peak, is worth a visit. SEE:

SUSITA-HIPPOS: One of my favorite places. An amazing ancient city of the Decapolis which was built on a dramatic spur of the Golan plateau, flourished in the Byzantine period, and was mostly abandoned after the earthquake of 749 (columns lie in a neat line, exactly as they fell!). The site is under active excavation -- Why not come to dig with them in July? (SEE BAR, Jan. 2009 or their web-site, ). Last I knew, access was only from below via (1) a switchback ascent on foot up the western flank, starting from Kibbutz Ein Gev, or (2) an unmarked local farm road, also from Ein Gev, which takes you to a pull-off parking area at the base of the site.
You can visit a kibbutz; I can help you I'm a member in one of them on the Golan. Gamla a great nature reserve where you can see griffon vultures, hike to the oldest synagogue in the world and to waterfall. Um Kanatir A site that is excavated in resent days. You can visit A dairy farm in kibbutz Ortal. Depending on your time limits I can many moor suggestions.
Rechavam's arches
shalom nancy
there is places in the golan that are tourist sites
but you need in most of them to consider walking!!
its mean climb too!
its useless to write it down now
when you diside to come and choose a guide than you can decide where to go

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