Greetings, fellow Localytes. I've been spending so much time answering questions that I've almost forgotten how to ask one. What I...

...would like to do is learn more about Brazil and on the basis that I know very little, this does leave plenty of room for expansion. Does Brazil have the four seasons? Where should I head to for my first time there? I'm sorry for my questions being rather general at this stage. Kind regards Mark


Country: Brazil


As Brazil is almost a continent, it has 4 seasons in the Southeast, 2 seasons in the North and Northeast.
In fact your question is very broad. In general the major part of tourists visit Rio de Janeiro in their first trip to Brazil. But you can go also to São Paulo, the biggest city in the country, or to the jungle in the Amazonas State. It´s up to you.
Thank you Silvia
I understand my question is on the broad side :) but to be honest I do love the bottom line conclusions like the information you have given regarding the outline of the seasons.
Kind regards
Hi, Mark;
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Hi Jimmy
Thank you very much for responding and I will indeed take your kind offer and I will be in touch as soon as the 'right now' rather busy time is over. We have a stand at an exhibition that starts today!!!
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Hello...If you are coming to southeast area(Rio de Janeiro), has sun almost the whole year.In South of Brasil has cold and in some places can get close to to 0 degrees.If you look for sun, come to Rio or north east, Bahia,Rio Grande do Norte,Paraíba...very nice places.
Hi! Brazil is a very big country, the biggest in Central e Latin America. You can find since winter in the south, that sometimes snowing and very hot places in the north and northeast with breathless beachs. The culture, just like the country is very different, the south till the north, music, food, people.You can spend a year travelling and you will be not able to see all.I hope I helpd you, but you can google Brazil and have some more information.Have fun!
I just got off the phone (skype) with a friend from there and it is 40 degrees celsius there now, I hope to goodness they have other seasons!
Hello, Yeah Brazil is tropical country meaning it has the four seasons.... well i live in the south of brazil so I'll inform you about it!!! it is peoplized by Europeans and it has a lot of nature and beaches !! fo more info contct me!! bye bye!
Hi Mark,
I saw so many answers and I don't agree with most of them...
It all depends on where you want to go.
If you like beaches, you will like the northeast of Brazil and Rio de Janeiro(southeast) and Florianópolis(south).
We do have the 4 seasons, but keep in mind that they are not as in your country.
They vary in each different area such as northeast, north, southeast and south.
If you like raw nature, you can go to Bonito, Chapada Diamantina, Amazonia, if you like cities that gather nature and towns, just come to Rio de Janeiro(we called it just Rio), if you like business city with nightlife, just go to São Paulo.
If you like to dive, well, then you have a lot of places to go, I'll tell you some of them: Ilha Grande(Rio de Janeiro), Ilha Bela(São Paulo), Bonito(Mato Grosso do Sul or Mato Grosso - I don't recall it right), Fernando de Noronha(Recife).
If you like cold places, not that cold as Europe(it barely snows 1 or 2 days in a year) you can go to south of Brazil, like São Joaquim(Santa Catarina)
Here you have what you want, you just have to decide what is that what you want, and then, you have it here...
I hope you have enjoyed my tips, if you need something just let me know.
Hi Djean
I very much appreciate your words of wisdom. I feel confident that I would like to ask you some more detailed questions in the future... if that's OK with you of course.
This week is a rather busy one for us here in Prague as we are introducing Thorntons Chocolate into Czech Republic.
Has Thorntons reached Brazil yet?
Cheers for now
Looking forward
Hi man, brazil is twice as big as western europe and about half the size of south america. Yup, pretty big and diverse. Basically the major ecosystems are Atlantic rainforest (Mata atlantica), the amazon rain forest, the brazilian savana (cerrado), the wetlands (Pantanal) and a sort of barren land which we call Caatinga where normally only the hardcore backpacker goes. We have beautiful beaches especially in the southeastern part - normally many people say the most beautiful ones are in the northeast, but i desagree, for me they're in the southeast and south - rio and sao paulo, parana and santa catarina states, however this is at a higher latitude and in winter, specially in the southern bits. Salvador, rio and foz do iguaçu are the most touristy parts, also amazingly beautiful, and of course among the most expensive areas in brazil. The people here descend from many different peoples in the world who came here at distinct times in our history, but basically from africa and europe (back in the day of slavery and pirates, and gold and colonization) but lots of european and japanese people came when slavery was abolished and the country needed labor, and also during ww2 when people fled to this country. The result is one of the most diverse, rich and syncretic cultures in the world.

I suggest you buy the lonely planet Brazil guide and check it out cos this is the traveller's bible to anywhere in the world you wanna go.

Get in touch if you need specific details and help for the Sao Paulo bit, i was born and bred here and i also happen to be a professional interpreter. Gimme a shout when you need a helping hand.

Cheers Charlie
I feel a natural flow of positive energy from your words and I thank you for that.
With inspiration from your good words Dana and I will push hard to get our Chocolate enterprise going here in CZ to enable us to fulfill our travel plans.
Really must sign off now as we have an early start in the morning for an exhibition.
Kindest regards
Hi Mark- Lots of useful info here, but nobody has mentioned that whereas usually the seasons are the opposite of the northern hemisphere, in the north/Amazon region, where there are only 2 seasons, they are kind of the same. As in December-April is winter and May to November summer. Basically rainy season= winter; dry season=summer! More info in "random ramblings on the weather" in

As far as where to go is concerned take a look at and just click on the sort of place you want- beach, colonial cities, mountains, jungle etc. . Loads of wonderful places to stay and you can always email me for more info. alison (at) .
Hi, Mark. Brazil has many distinct regions. Only the far South has the four seasons. It is a like a big triangle. The Northwest area is the Amazon (Manaus, Macapa, Belem...). The only seasons are rain and less rain. The North East area (Salvador, Recife, Fortaleza...) is very pleasant on the coast, with lots of beautiful beaches, but as ou go away from the coast it gets very hot and dry. Only rain season and dry season there. The South East (Sao Paulo, Rio....) has hot dry rainy season and cold rainy season. It does not get too cold, though.
In my oppinion, Fortaleza is the best area to go for fun if you like sun and beaches.
I thank you kindly from the bottom of my heart for your informative message.
Visit Praha :)
Dear Mark,

As you wish to visit my country I recommend you to come to the Northeast and North Part of Brazil,
You can see the 4 seasons in all regions, therefore they vary in contrasts, perhaps in the in the Southeast you can see them more like in Europe or in Georgia in The United States, I lived there and for the first time I could see it very clear.
As a true lover of Nature. I will tell you a little in very short about the seasons in the state of Maranhão where I am living now.

It is winter here now! raining season. lots of mangos, acerola, pitombas, saputi, and other tropical native fruits.
The fall just past over: It was very short. The leaves felt, and after the first rain they already renewed.
The past summer was hard. almost six months of rain and it kind of mixed with the spring. its really hard to tell here when is sumer or spring always hot.
Even now in the witter tiime we have above 30 degrees celcius. it rains and the sun hit hard, then it rains again all in the same day
Hello Mark.
just to let you know; I have traveled in brasil for more than a year so i know the place pretty good :-)
yes, Brazil does have the seasons. but "only" in the south. there they somethimes have frost!
for your first time?? there is so much. one options is a "airpass", plane ticket. with that you can visit 2-6 places. but ofcourse places like Rio, Salvador, Bahia, Natal(great beaches) Foz d' iguazu. it really depends on how much time you have.But on place that is like know other is Sao Luis , Maranhao. Olso know as "ilha de amor"- "island of love". It is very uniq. what i did the first time was i bought "Lonely Planet -Brasil on a shoustring". hope that helps ;-)
It is more or less like in the comparison would be with Florida!

Brasil is a continental country, but I would say that just in the south you can see clearly the four seasons of the year!

For instance, in Rio during the winter, the only difference is that the climate is less hot!

Write to me any time,
Hi Mark, you should first come to Rio to visit us we would be happy to recieve you here , but now the weather is cold but still an interesting time to visit you don´t find any lines at the major tourist attractions and you can walk quietly at the streets , no traffic , but when we have summer it´s crazy, people everywhere and many foreigners visitors in the city, queues everywhere, but still is a wonderful city to visit , people have so much fun here , If you decide to comes do contact me through my email or see my blog for some ideas of where to go for a visit in Rio or visit my website at hugs,
Diana Persi
In Rio we do not have the four season so clear as in other parts of Brasil, like Rio Grande do Sul.
4 seasons only in the South!
I am in Rio de Janeiro, our winter provides good temperature, it is never cold!
it varies because the country is too big, only in the south that you can experience the 4 season.

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