What would you consider to be the #1 attraction and #1 restaurant in Ko Phi Phi? Can you give a 100-200 word description of each?


Country: Thailand


Obviously the "Number One" - Attraction is the island / bay itself !
And for the "Food" question: What do you like most and how much are you prepared to pay for? While there look around "with your eyes", smell "by your nose" and taste "by your mouth"! Enjoy Phi Phi Island
For me the number one attraction were the bays at Ko Phi Phi Leh (the uninhabited -except the bird nest hunters- number two island in size) because of the out-of-this-world pleasure of snorkeling there in virtually shoals of tropical fish at coral reef habitats. Make sure that your boat driver gets you to the less frequented places by paying him a little more.
As far as your second part of your question is concerned there are zillions of restaurants on the main island. If you like fish, you cannot make much of a mistake. Just observe the fish being displayed outside the restaurant on beds of ice. If you are not totally unexperienced, you will notice, where it is fresh , and where not. And here choose the more frequented places rather than the empty ones.
As for a 100 to 200 word description of the 1 attraction and 1 restaurant, well, Phi Phi is a small island and therefore gets a small answer.
Best attraction is the beaches at Lo Bakao Bay.
Best restaurant is
Tonsai Village Restaurants & Dining.

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