Hello, What are the best places to visit and good hotels near the Deadsea?


Country: Israel


Hi Joshua - visit these place - Ein Gedi springs and nature trail, Massada, Kumeran/Qumeran, Jerico and swim in the sea at a beach/spa.
There are many 4-5* hotels and also a Kibbutz guest house at Ein Gedi (very nice) and a B&B at Kibbutz Kalia/Qualia.
If you want to do more and have a guide contact me at jtours(at) Joel
All the places around the dead sea are worth to visit . Its the deepest place on earth and very healthy .
The hotels are all concentrated around Ein Boked area , ask again if you find a deal and we will try to help you find a good place .
My "must see" list for the Dead Sea area:
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* QUMRAN: (unless you have no interest in history and archaeology) It's the place where the Dead Sea Scrolls were discovered, and the nearby excavated settlement.

* EIN GEDI: Beach for swimming--OK, floating; nature reserve: waterfalls, pools, hiking trails.
Excavated ancient synagogue site.
SEE: .
If you're adventurous and have extra time try a hike up beatiful Nahal (Wadi) Arugot.

* MASADA: The remains found on this isolated mesa - and the story that goes with them - are amazing.

For accommodations, it all depends on what level you are looking for and, of course, how much you want to spend. There are 5 youth hostels listed in the area, see here:

Here's a portal to the 3 kibbutz hotels/guesthouses at the Dead Sea: .

The large commercial hotels/resorts are going to be in the Ein Bokek area near the southern end of the Sea - this site seems to have many resources listed, including many lodging choices:

All the best -- Come and experience this special Land!
Le Meridien is probably the best hotel: places to see already mentioned Massada, En Gedi nature reserve north of the hotels. Southwards is Mt. Sdom and Dead Sea factories. Up the mountains [to the west] the Zohar fortress, Mamshit, Tel Arad and perhaps Beersheva and the airforce base at Hazerim
If you have a rental car insured for travel there (you'll have to ask) or can find other transport, by all means visit JERICHO: Go to the ancient tel, ride the cable car up the Mount of Temptation (wonderful view and restaurant up there)[], walk from there to the nearby Qarantal Greek monastery built right into the sheer cliff-face! Many nice, reasonably-priced restarants in the town itself. On the north side of Jericho is the fascinating Hisham's Palace, an excavated palace from the early Islamic period (7th-8th centuries) with one of the the most beautiful and famous mosaics in the country! [Note: Sadly, guides who are Israeli citizens cannot legally take you into Jericho - Contact me for more on this.] More info on Jericho and other places in the Palestinian Territories here:
The sites near the Dead Sea or in the area are: Massada, ascend by a new cable (or walking) to view the gorgeous view of the mountains of Moab and Dead Sea from this fortress which staved off the arduous Roman advance and earned a position as one of the hundred "World Heritage Sites" by the U.N.
Ein Gedi Nature Reserve - This wondrous oasis is where King David hid from wrath of King Saul 3,000 years ago. Cliffs soar to more than 1600 feet above the streams, waterfalls and tropical reeds. It's a bit of a climb up the clearly marked trail which takes you past several pool and small waterfalls to the beautiful top waterfall , where you can refresh yourself.
Qumran - The National Park, cave where the Dead Sea Scrolls were found.
AHAVA Visitor Center - Kibbutz where they are making the cosmetics products of the minerals of the Dead Sea.
Accommodation - at the Dead Sea you have all kind of hotels. Me personally I prefer at the "Hod" hotel, nice hotel a small one, next to the sea, great SPA, good food and not to busy.
Hi Joshua,
In Jordan, there exist an area in the dead sea called the dead sea hotel resorts. You can find there the Marriort Hotel, MovenPic & Kimpensky as well there are other hotels under construction. For reservation you can contact me to hel you with this matter for a very discounted fees of about 5% from the reservation cost. See you in Jordan.
I do not wish to turn this forum into a debate - since it's purpose is to share FACTUAL information with people who really want to know - but I will gently challenge you, Zvi, to document the supposed safety concerns with visiting Jericho and state when you last personally visited the town and anything negative you might have experienced on that occasion. Sorry, but just saying "it's not safe" is not enough.
Mount Sodom caves
shalom Joshua
i think there are many places sround dead sea
and there are many good hotels
its all depeand on your needs and budget
its not efficient to tall you from here when it will be actual connect obe of the guide you choose and decide together
Visiting the Jordan part of the dead sea is totally safe, as well I expect to cost you less than other parts of the dead sea. See you in Jordan.
u shall to come to the Jordanian part of the dead sea coz its (cheaper & a 100% safe)i suggest for u 2 stay in the kimpnski ishtar ( dead sea ) its fabulous .
dear tom as you know i am not allouued to enter to this area,many of my clients when they come aut they just ask to run away.
do you mean the deadsea in jordan ore asrael?
Hi Joshua,

Many of the tourist attractions within Israel act as travel lodestones not only for the members of three of the world’s most prominent religions (Christianity, Islam and Judaism), but also to those with an avid interest in world history in general. Locations such as Jerusalem, the Dead Sea, Bethlehem, Masada and the Sea of Galilee (Lake Kinneret) have much to offer all travelers.

Scientists are still puzzling over the geological factors that created the remarkable body of water known as the Dead Sea, which lies further beneath sea level than any other spot on earth. For visitors, there is no mystery. If you were unable to get a referral for best hotels around this area, you can check out Shenkin Hotel - as they are well known in Israel and have a very experienced team as well. Don't depend on advertisements that cannot help you make an informed decision.

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