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we will be going along the coast ecuador, peru, chile


Country: Peru


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If your are comming to Peru u will have plenty of options to choose... There are great places to surf in Lima, like San Bartolo and Punta Rocas (Venues of international championships). If u go north there are nice places in Trujillo, where u can see how the old peruvian use to "surf" (ask someone there about the "caballito de totora and u may be able to try it too.). Finally before u go to ecuador you should definitly stop in Mancora. Great waves and beaches...

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Highly recommend Mancora.
Great beach, laid back place.

Avoid beaches near Lima, the water is very polluted.
i agree with most of the above, except if you are in the city of lima and want to surf , its ok the waters are not blue blue blue but all the middle class kids of lima will go down and practice their moves.

but if you are not planing to stay long in lima then both north and south have great places.
Check the local peru surfing sites for upto the minute details re conditions and best times.
The north of Peru is excelent for surf and mancora is a nice place to arrive
I highly recommend you Mancora, down to the south Cabo Blanco and Pacasmayo are also good, and if you decided to stay in Lima, you can also visit Punta Hermosa.
Good luck and have fun!
you wanna try the LONGEST WAVE ON THE WORLd. is in a place called "CHICAMA" way north in Peru, you can google it and wathc some videos... more than 1 mile will give you extremly pleasure if you are a good surfer. other really good place is called CABO BLANCO and Pacasmayo. Make sure you have a car 4wd to get there and all the things you need because there is no surf shops and no lifeguard on the coast of Peru.
The most famus beaches for surfers in peru are definetely cabo blanco an Pacasmayo but Mancora is a surfers town. everybody is s asurfer there and the weather is always great.
I would recommend you to try a tour trough the north of the country...
go and spend ther about a week surfing on the recommended spots and you will have a great time.
Hi, how are you! I know you are looking for some surf place in Peru but I can recomend you diferent places too in Ecuador if you are pasing by. One of the most famous and they will organise this year the world championships overthere is Montañita. A little village along the coast of Ecuador on the Ruta del Sol about three ours driving north from Guayaquil. Peru has good flight and coach conexions with Guayaquil.
But the best places for surfers are little more expensive due to the fact these are in a national park called GALAPAGOS. It is not that know because surfers are more budget travelers and Galapagos is not that cheap: +/- $350 for a flight from and back to Guayaquil (Quito is about $420 with a stop of +/- 1 hours in Guayaquil) + $100 for the national park fee + $10 for the transit card to Galapagos = +/- $460 and you still don´t have hotel, tour, food, ... But there you can find AMAZING WAVES!!!
Let me know if I can help you some more!
Here in Peru, the best place probably would be Mancora, Piura. Laid back beaches and amazing waves. Also down the schores of south Lima you have beaches such as San Bartolo and Punta Hermosa where renting an apartment is really comfortable.
Hi, I would recomend you Montañita beach and Santa Marianita Beach in Ecuador. montañita is the famous place here
Well u have a lot of place to lima or in the north of Peru ..if u need lesson, u need to pay around 10-15 dollares per lesson..i love this sport..only need trust to u..good luck
in lima you have many places.. in the south Punta hermosa, san bartolo, Punta rocas beach... in Miraflores is in the center also you have la pampilla beach... but also the north of Peru is really nice to do surfing Mancora is great...!!!
There are many places at Lima, specially all the beaches at the south, but at the North, near the border with Ecuador is Mancora, which is one of the most important places if you like surfing
I think that northen Peru and south of lima is the best , do not forget that Peru has cold water you always need a wetsuit even in summer time.


Jose Antonio
Huanchaco near Trujillo is the "longest wave to surf of the world"
Hey ya Surfer!!!!
Peru has some of the longest waves on the planet (counted in miles...). It doesn't rain in the coast of Peru and it's not too hot or too cold. All S-SW spots have very reliable swell from April to October ..
And from October to march North swell hit the coast.
Plus: Consistency, all levels of surf available, mostly uncrowded (this can mean quasi-desert), long waves, not too cold water temperature.
Minus: problems of access and safety, crowds around Lima.
Location: Western South America, bordering the South Pacific Ocean, between Chile and Ecuador
Geographic coordinates: 10 00 S, 76 00 W
Coastline: 2,414 km
Climate: varies from tropical in east to dry desert in west; temperate to frigid in Andes
Terrain: western coastal plain (costa), high and rugged Andes in center (sierra), eastern lowland jungle of Amazon Basin (selva)
Currency: Nuevo sol (PEN)
Crowds Top spots are usually crowded, even though early morning sessions can be as perfect as uncrowded. We will guide you to the less crowded spots. It is pretty much possible we get to surf solo sessions.Locals are usually friendly, just show respect.
Breaks The Lima and South areas are full of solid waves, shore breaks, beach breaks, sandbars, rocky bottoms, point breaks, short waves, long waves, barrels…every type of wave you can imagine. Lima is a blessed place where you find solid surf every day. The North offers like most of Peru more perfect lefts, point breaks and reef breaks peel endlessly from knee size to double plus overhead. It is Solid stuff, all around. The North is Peru's surfing gem. These breaks gift us lefts of perfection from south or north swells. Be ready for an intense solid, fast, peeling lefts experience.
Consistency of PERU it is world recognized, we have a privileged coast and position in the globe; we get south swells in winter and north ones in summer, we guaranteed surf every day.
PERU = Loooong waves, we heard comments from many surfers saying like this "I surfed the longest waves of my life. Did you see that one…?"
Equipment We recommend you to check the list of beaches and descriptions and decide your quiver accordingly. Unless you plan on charging Pico Alto, nothing bigger than an 8 footer is needed.
Wetsuits: during spring and fall, short sleeves are fine, although long sleeves will work for the early or late sessions. During winter time a 3/2mm rubber is OK. Booties are a great help to keep feet warm and protect them from rocks and shelves. Water temperature is not as cold as northern California but cold enough.
If you are looking for consistency and big waves, here is where you want to be, any surf trip to Peru starts in Lima, you won't believe how many breaks are in a small distance, so always you will find a place to surf by yourself and if you wake up early you will be surfing glassy. Be prepared to charge 10+ feet waves, but if you do not surf this size, still there are many breaks with fun waves. South of Lima in summer is a party place, weekend are really busy and you will be dancing all night long, or waking up early to surf while everyone is going back home.
Water temperature is not too cold, you will not get "ice cream head" symptoms, a fullsuit will be ok in winter time and a pair of boardshorts or springsuit in summer will be enough.
NORTH CONDITIONS North of Peru is one of the best places on earth to Surf, many of locals from Lima have moved literally to the North. There are plenty of waves with warm water, plenty of fish and sea food and not many crowds, of course there are few beaches were crowd can be extreme like Cabo Blanco, and Máncora, but with many long waves around, crowds are almost nothing, and if you avoid the high seasons, you will be surfing the longest waves and the barrels you wanted all your life.
Do not think only in Chicama, it is a good wave and needs a big swell to work properly, but there are many waves that you will need more time in your surf trip to surf all. North of Peru is pure magic.
Daily per meal You can get good food for as much as $10.00 a day.Meals Fresh fruits or other good places according to your wallet.
Selling of used boards
Depending on the board and conditions, you can expect to resell a reasonable good board in reasonable good conditions for around $150.00
Selling of wetsuits
Peruvian wetsuits are pretty good and inexpensive. If thinking on reselling yours, don't expect more than $80.00
Buying a new board
Peruvian boards are good and inexpensive. You can order a 6´6 one for about $250.00.
Buying a new wetsuit You can get a Peruvian state of the art rubber for less than $200.00
Party For good parties, Lima is the choice, but if it is summertime, the southern places have a great offer. Estimate $40.00 for a night including entries and some drinks.
The weatherin Lima is cold now..but you can go at the north like mancora the weather is good all year!!Good luck and hav fun!!!Grettingss from Peru
There are great places to surf in Lima (San Bartolo, Punta Roca), Trujillo (Huanchaco) but the most important destination is Mancora in Piura.

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