What time of year to visit Macedonia.

Which is better? Spring, summer, or early autumn? And why? Tku.


Country: Macedonia


Well if i say its better in Summer , in that time its very hot, and all people go in holidays im talking about july,june august, ,but if you come in this time its better , like december , May , or other mounths ,and you can chek there are some carnevals in Macedonia, it would be nice to visit them , really great thing you wont regret.
Also Visit Ohrid , Struga, Bitola, Krushevo ,they are all cities around Macedonia ,and you wont travel alot :)2-3 hrs
If you ask me, with no doubt ill answer that late spring is the best time to visit. End of May or even begining of June. The weather is realy pleasent,25-30*C during the day and not very cold nights.
i have to say that it realy depends on what you want to see. summers can be very hot for sight seeing and walks around the cities, but are great for night life (ohrid, bitola, strumica...) and mountains (krusevo is the highest town in the balcan, it`s a small beautifull place in the middle of the forests.) spring is great for tipical turistic tours, visiting museums, bicke traveling, camping... late autumn is full of festivals and feests but the weather can be unstable. by me, and i`m 22, the best time is july (althow it is very very hot) coz of the all-day-long parties.
Any time depends on your taste.If you like to spend some time on the beach of the Ohrid lake where I live for example, it's best to visit Mk in the summer. From the second half of July till the 20th of August there is a Ohrid summer festival which hosts some of the world most prominent musicians, like Jose Kareras, Inva Mula,Jessie Norman,...pianists and all the others. Besides, you can follow the swimming marathon, parachute competition in August, etc..On the other side, during a winter time I recommand you Mavrovo, Sapka, Pelister, Krusevo, our ski centers.Also Vevcani during its carnival in the middle of January and enjoying Ohrid without much crowd,getting that way in the contact with the nature and your own thoughts:))
Definitly early autumn !
The weather is stabile, warm (not hot) and the colors of the nature are breathtakin... :) really depends on what you want to do. If you want to have a regular holiday on the beach by the Lake of Ohrid or any of the others then come in summer. But be careful because it is rather hot- it can go up to 40C. Anyway, summer is a good period to visit because you don't need to carry tons of stuff and clothes with you and you are sure that the weather will be ok.
And if you are more of a traveller type of person that wants to visit more places, towns, monastries, churches etc, come in late spring. May or early June would be great because the weather wouldn't cause too many troubles and everything will be nice and green. Also this period will be nice for hiking in the mountains if you are interested in that.
Well Tara, no matter which season you choose to visit our country, you won't make a mistake.Visiting in late winter/early spring, places you at the time when the most popular carnival is hold, in a town called Strumica.Also you can visit most of our towns that are very interesting, and have much to offer from traditional, antic and social aspect.And since we are a small country you will not have to travel too long.Everything is close, about 2/3 hours driving.
U can visit Macedonia any time during the year.
I am more for late spring since the nature is so beautifull and not so ho as in Summer when it gets up to 40 C.
Than u can expirience all natural beauties rivers mountains plains natural Lakes world best caves observatories etc.
But if u like spending time visiting cities u must visit Skopje the capital and Ohrid(as is called the summer capital. There are great private tours around the country in the period from May-October.
In Winter the snow season rules skiing and climbing on Picks up to 2864 m
Dear Tana,

Macedonia you can visit any seasons, depence of that what you want to see. I can say that Macedonia is tourist target for 4 seasons...If you want to go on Lake - the best time is from 10 July until 25 August ( in this time is few summer cultural festival...) In spring you have a good weather for walking and visiting our natural beauty, but if you prefer skiing than wineter is your times! We have few perfect ski center were you can enjoyed in skiing, drinking tea...
But, what's importnat to know is that you can pass one unforgotten holiday and not very expensive...
Dear Tana R.

Every part of the year is the best depends what you want.In the summer July and August are the best if you want hot weather and nice cold lake like lake Ohrid which is by the whey protected by Unesco.Ohrid is great city with more than 366 churches for each day of the year.For the winter time we have two great winter centers for skiing and much more and the third is on the whey one of the biggest in this region (Mavrovo,Sapka and the new one Kozuv).In the autumn you have few carnivals that are great to see (September till November). If you want some specific information do not hesitate to ask again.

Vasko R.
As others have already said, it can be nice throughout the year depending on your interests. But I saw you are interested in camping, so I definitely recommend late August.
my opinion is that u can visit

Macedonia any seasons, depends of that what you want to see. I know that Macedonia is tourist target for four seasons...If you want to go on some Lake - the best time is from June until Sept. ( in this time is few summer cultural festival...) In spring you have a good weather for walking and visiting our natural beauty, but if you prefer skiing than winter is your times! We have few perfect ski center were you can enjoyed in skiing, drinking tea...
But, what's important to know is that you can pass one unforgotten holiday and not very expensive.
It depends what kind of a visit it is. If you are interested in culture or entertainment you can visit Macedonia any time of the year. Certainly the most visited events are happening in summer... You can also visit Macedonia (the city of Ohrid) for lake tourism, in summer of course, and you will have the best time ever! Mavrovo is the best destination for winter-lovers in Macedonia. Visiting Skopje in spring or autumn will provide you a great fun, cultural events and other interesting happenings too.
Greetings from Macedonia
-Aleksandra Geric
It depends from your age and free time of course. For elderly people the best time to visit Macedonia is Spring and early Autumn, due to the fact that the weather is mild and not harsh. But the best time for younger people is the main season, from the end of june until the middle of august because its crowded and overpopulated with younger people and there are different ways to spend your time having fun.
The best time for visit depends on what zou like to visit.
If zou like to visit mountain areas for ski the best tim is January-March, for mountain site seeing June - July.
My town Tetova offers all these mountain tourism activities.
Summer for sure!
Every season has its own charm and beauty. Every person has to see all geographical profile in mountains, natural lakes, villages, excursion places around and use every possible part of the year deciding what is your wish to see. Come with announcing yourself and I will show you everything.
Depends on that where you want to go.
Well it depends what kind of traveler you are. If you are adventurists you should be here in winter and don't miss by any cause the famous carnevals in Macedonia: Vevcani-january the 13th, Strumica-fev.,march. Prilep-march etc. and also festivals and traditional holidays with lot of fun, free drink, free food, great party at night wherever you go at that time. But ir you are regular traveler you shoul take a regular tour: like late spring or early autumn, because temperature in summer and winter can be extreme sometimes.
any time of course!
Macedonia is beautifull in each time of year:
summers are not very hot and winters are not very cold
Of course if you like to attend carnivals (New Year) or go skiing in the mountains you could come at winter time, If you like summer you could go to mountain hiking or go sunbathing in Ohrid- if you like music, concerts and other cultural events Ohrid and Struga and Galicnik are perfect in summer (Ohrid summer Festival, Galicnik art colony, Struga poetry nights...). At spring time there are May Opera nights in Skopje, Apart from this and other, there are so many beautiful places to visit....
You can visit Macedonia at any time of year. Summer is hot and can use it to visit Ohrid, for example, or enjoy the fresh mountain air on Shara Mountain. Speaking at the Shara Mountain, you can visit in the winter, the tub is great for skiing, snowboarding and more similar. Snow covers reach up to 2 meters in the winter.
But also in spring and autumn is wonderful when everything seems to flowers, or when leaves fall from the tree.
As one of the friends of mine said - "The best picture of this country (Macedonia, of course)u can see in May." And I have no reason not to believe him.
Every time of the year is beautiful. There is fun for every season. What you wanna do? If you want to go swimming there is summer, if you want to take a walk in nature there is spring and autumn. The summer is very hot here.
Best regards,
Visit Macedonia in spring to see the most beautiful wild flowers, in summer to enjoy in our wonderful colorful lakes, and in autumn to explore and rest in the unforgettable landscapes.
You will also miss a lot if you don't see our mountains in winter...Mavrovo, Shar Planina, Kozuv
Enjoy, here God gave a lot nature beauties....
Macedonia, who someone called FYROM too, but this second name isn't nice. Name of this country is political problem between Macedonia and Greece. Best time to travel to Macedonia is definetly summer. Why? Cause the life is better and more reach as You can go to the Ohrid Lake, also called as Macedonian sea, where You can stay in the private room for 4-15 € per night, find people You like, make new friends, go out where ever You want, visit festivals and have unforgetable moments. FAmous festival is Ohrid summer festival organized every August and Traditional Dances Festival organized every July, where You can see dances like Oro, Kolo and so many others from the different parts of Macedonia, Serbia, Bulgaria, Bosnia and other countries from the Ex-Yugoslavia.
Definitely the best period is may and june. Spring is wonderfull with all nature awakening, mountain rivers are wild and picterous, and the mountains are covered with all the flowers you can imagine. Summer is wonderfull about lakes and magic sunsets, but temperatures can be very high so it depends..
May and September.
The best time to visit Macedonia is during the summer if you are interested in summer sports and if they have something to do with water..(Ohrid, Struga, Prespa and Dojran and other cities have its beauty durng the summer liek Bitola Skopje, Krusevo adn many others) But in Macedonia the winter sports are thriving( Mavrovo, Pelister, Krusevo..) as well so it depends what iterests you! We also have carnivals in spring(Vevcanski carnival, Strumicki, Prilepski).. Many religous gathering throughout the year(Holly Mary, Ramazan, Vodici, Othodox Christmas, Easter, Ilinden and many others)... like i said it depends what attracts you..
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