I was thinking of visiting Peru.. Input wanted

does anyone live ther or visted ther? What is like, what is ther to do. What is the culture/peple/economy like.. Is it expensive to do stuff there? Any input would be appreciated


Country: Peru


Peru is a wonderfull place . you can do almost everything from visiting beautiful n amazing places like machu picchu, colca canyon,puno,etc try its delicious food to do adventure sports like rafting, bungee jumping,surf,etc .People from peru r very friendly , we always like to meet foreigners n befriend them. lol . About the economy here the cost of living is very cheap. One american dollars is S/3.20 soles ( national currency) so don´t worry u could do backpackibg over here. If u have any question I´ll be glad to answer all of them.

Hi ¡¡¡ im from Lima , Peru is Amazing country u can find everything here , from beautiful beaches on the northern , archeological sites , museums , adeventures sports such as : paragliding ,treeking ,surfing .Also in Lima , nice nightlife , hotels , delicious food .
and the Jungle , is gorgeous widlife ,, native people still speaking the ancient language and customs.
The capital Lima is huge , u can find amazing colonial architectures , ;OP
Well travel to Perù is a litle expensive , but the food , the souveniers , really cheap also u can find cheap Hotel from Nice backpackers.
People is friendly , funny , we like help tourists ... howver the problem in Lima is the traffic is terribel is just this .

Visit Machu Picchu u can feel the energic of the Incas there

i hope i helped u ¡¡¡
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Hi, Im from Cusco, where Machupicchu is located, the place i live is the most known turist destination for all the people who comes to Peru.
We have many things to show, if depends what kind of interests you have, there are many archeological ruins, spanish churches, museums, smalls towns outside the city, the sacred valley and other places, if you are looking to do some sports, you can do the inka trail to Machupicchu, bike treks, rafting, hicking, bungie jumping, etc., depending the time you are planning to stay, you also can learn some spanish. Is not an expensive city, you can find acomodation from a small hostal to a five stars hotel and the food is cheap, there are many nice lounge bars and pubs if you need som rest from all your trip.
The only thing you have to take care about, is the time you wanna come, because right now we have rain and the weather is not so nice, the best time to come is between June and July.

Well, hope this information helps you some.
have fun wherever you decide to go!
I travelled Peru 20 years ago and I didn't like it so much. Also I got attacked in Lima. Anyway, this is 20 years ago.
At the moment, a friend of me is travelling since 3 month in Peru. She will give you the newest information.
You can contact her by Facebook. Her name is Susanne Heinz. Tell her greetings from me.
probably you can find everything you like here so you can do anything it depends in what you like... you can google it and see general information. not too expensive but if you wanna do all the turist stuff maybe you will need some extra money because you will find many things to do and all prices are in $american dollar$ dont stay too long in lima cuz is the most expensive and dangerus city soooo try to get out of there as soon as you can and travel around south and the way to BOlivia where you can find good food good company good drugs for a good price and not danger at all
well peru is a real nice country many other countries around the world but here you can find firstly a mixed culture with different kind s of manifestations .. you have mane places to visit or many things to do it's up to your interests .. in averages prices and costs are cheap u won't afford somuch to have a real nice expirience here =D
Peru is a wonderful destination. To travel through it is like visiting many countries in a very short time. Peru is a multicultural country full of great friendly people, a milenary culture and some of the richest biological reserves of the world.
Come and try it.. You wont regret.
Peru is an amazing country, there are many things to do, too many that it's imposible to tell you by here all of them. It's gonna be better if you be a little bit more specific about what do u have in mind for your visit here, in order to bring more information! Have a good one!
Peru is one of the most diverse country on earth. It has pretty much all the ecological zones on earth. Tons of species that originated or only live here. People from indigenous, African, European and Asian origin that somehow together formed a nation. It has more archaeological sites x sq miles than Rome or Israel. Amazing food, great local drinks, relatively cheap. Beaches and mountain climbing. What is not to like about it? Good luck.

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