So i've been living here 2 years and still need help finding a decent job haha... Anyone who maybe lives here or has lived here, have...

...any advice on how to successfully make some steady cash and not go insane??? Been around the block with jobs and nothing seems to really work out. Just really need to make something stick whilst not isolating myself, due to ridiculously long hours, from my husband. Any ideas??


Country: Ecuador


In what part of Ecuador are you? And what do you do?
I was in the same boat - am now an English teacher on-line with a Venezuelan company. $7 per hour - pretty much choose your hours, paid via pretty much anything else I've found
do you want to be a spanish teacher, call me 097774377
depends in your habilities to see wich job you can do, and what can i do for you!
You should tried this website, you fill in your Curriculum and then you can start searching jobs by salaries, activities, cities. Try to make a good and complet curriculum because there are a lot of companies registred in the website who also search in the database for people to hire.

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