Do tourists need a round trip ticket when visiting Singapore?

Will the immigration officer look at my return rip ticket when I arrive in the airport? What other papers, aside from my passport would I need to bring with me? Please help me as I'm a first-time traveller to a foreign country.


Country: Singapore


Hi Wayne,

I think it is not necessary to have a round trip ticket to come to Singapore. However, you might need to have Visa to come into Singapore.

The official link that you can check is under "Consular Information" > "Travel Information for Foreigners Visiting Singapore"

Below are some of the information I gotten from the website.

All visitors to Singapore must meet the following entry requirements:

- Valid travel document (minimum validity = 6 months);
- Onward / return ticket;
- Entry facilities to next destination;
- Sufficient funds to stay in Singapore and
- Visa for Singapore (if applicable)

Do let me know if you need any more information.

since you're a first time traveller, it is also essential to know the weather of the place you're travelling to.
singapore is a country with a tropical climate, remember to bring cool airy clothes, and preferrably good walking shoes too ;) (btw, we do have showers now and then, so an umbrella might be good)

apart from passport and airtickets, papers of the booking for your lodgings is also impt :)

Hi Wayne, are you transiting in Singapore or en-route to somewhere else? You can stay within Singapore for maximum of 90 days on a social visit pass.
You can visit on visitor's pass, visa requirements etc.
You don't need a ticket for onward travel due to the fact that Singapore is so close to Indonesia and Malaysia. You do need a valid passport for at least 6 months and proof of funds for your stay in Singapore (If requested - Credit card or atm statement is ok)
Most passports are granted a 30day (1 month) Visitors/Tourist Visa, dependent on which country you are from. Check your local embassy site for details on your passport.

Apart from that enjoy your stay and happy traveling.

Its always good to check with Singapore Embassy, as that will give you the most right answers to your question.

Hope that will help.

.....Wayne, hey its great u can visit Singapore first time. Which country r u from? USA or UK? Welcome to sunny Singapore.

Hmmm, well, u hv a lot of good answers from us friendly Singaporeans isn't it amazing!! Well, we are caring people.

The rest of the answers from us folks are all good! But I think Anton Johnson's answer for ur trip to Singapore is one of the best (the things re money/passport validity, etc.... that u need to know), and Singapore is indeed a nice easy fun place u will enjoy.

But, It will be much better if u have local/s wif you, it adds to the fun of being in Singapore :) help u to bargain for great prices :) show u fun places to hang out....

I luv to be ur guide, u can email me and I'll give u my mobile no if u come okay, when r u coming?

email me:

Ashley^^ Cheers....u must try our local food here, its one of the best, tell me ur favourite food, hang outs and I will take u there coz I hv overseas friends visiting pretty often and I luv to take them out! So feel free email me okay.

Hi Ashley, thanks for ya support of my answer.. :)

If you have any suggestions of stuff to do in Sg.. i'm always on the lookout..

Hi Anton,

Though Singapore is a small country, there is plenty of things you can do.

- Sports
- Art and cultural
- Shopping
- Natural activites
- Partying/ Nightlife

Maybe you can tell us what you are looking and we can tell you more. :)

Hi Anton,

Though Singapore is a small country, there is plenty of things you can do.

- Sports
- Arts and culture
- Shopping
- Natural activites
- Partying/ Nightlife
- Food

Maybe you can tell us what you are looking and we can tell you more. :)

Wayne, usually the Singapore immigration authorities will not ask you to show proof of a round-trip ticket upon entry to Singapore.
However, if you do have plans to visit other neighbouring countries around Singapore, then it will be best to have a round-trip return ticket.
Example. Indonesia is one country that frequently checks on this item.

Other items are as per what you have already found out.
So if Singapore's your only destination for a real fun time and holiday, come on in.
Hi, sorry for the delay to answer your question. I am not so sure whether you need to show them your return ticket to the immigration officer. But I am sure that you have to show your boarding pass when you coming to Singapore. The boarding pass, the air-steward will hand to you in the flight before you arrived in Singapore, just fill in the detail that required in the boarding pass will do.
You need to have a round-trip or through transportation ticket on a participating.

YES, unless you are a citizen of a Visa Waiver Program country AND in possession of a machine readable passport.

Citizens of Singapore and 26 other countries may travel to the U.S. without a visa for tourism or business for up to 90 days; this is known as the Visa Waiver Program (VWP). Permanent residents of Singapore who are not from one of the VWP countries are not eligible for this program. ...

We recommend you visit this page before any travel to the U.S. to check if WVP
to visit bustling Hong Kong or clean and beautiful Singapore then now ... For round trip tickets, there was only billed roughly P6,000. Same goes for the mock ...

have a nice day and enjoy
From my experience,

Show your itinary clearly.

Best to show your return ticket date etc. References purpose of visit, Funds, Hotel confirmed reservations, Friends places etc.

Dont take it lightly on such important matters.

I knew someone went all the way to Far european country and turned around.
Dear World expats Traveller,

1. Check your nationality, whether you need a visa.

Read which level you belong to , then apply it correctly.
(I usually travel without Visa).

2. Passport Validity & Details

Please ensure that the passport is valid for at least 6 months from the date of entry.

3. Please read the webiste to reconfirm your visa.

4. Make sure, you have an itinary plan, inward outward tickets and hotel reservation, to be very sure. I have always provided such documents to customs as an honest tourist.

Also prepare your funds. Buy the MRT Cards. We use Singapore dollars locally, but you can seek good money changers at Change Alley in Raffles Place. ( Take The MRT to Raffles Place).

5. Beware of the Laws governing singapore. Abide them like a good citizen.

See Statutes on Line.

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