i want to explore Bangladesh tourism industry.Which place is most attractive for Tourist?


Country: Bangladesh


Cox Bazaar
St. Martins Island
Bandarban, Chimbuk Hilltop
Sylhet Tea Gardens
Modhupur Rajbari
Modhupur Forests
Kaptai Lake
These are some the most popular and some of my favorites.
Sundarbans and St. Martin
the answer depends on what is your point of interest. If you are for History - go to Mahasthangarh, Bogra. If wildlife - Sundarbans. If Hills, tribal life style - Rangamati, Bandarban. If festivals - Dhaka during feb, March and April.
Coxs Bazar is beautiful, so does Saint Martins - but other than sea - you have nothing else to spare your time!
thats the great point
Yes brother Bangladesh is a country of natural attraction. The best place of Bangladesh is Cox's Bazar sea beach. This is the longest sea beach in the worl about 130 KM long. You can visit with family and friends.
Basically Bangladesh has historical area during early period but present time going to change everything , everybody should know that cox bazar that is one of the biggest sea beach area in the world , now in dhaka has been sattle fantasy kingdom, naandan park where everyone can go for entertainment . also a lots of place of bangladesh for visit . its can't explain all of of things.
Cox's Bazaar. It's the longest sandy sea beach in the world!
For ecotourism best places are the Sundarbans, tea gardens of Sylhet or if you want to stay close to Dhaka then Gazipur or boat ride along the Balu or Buriganga Rivers.
Kuakata is located at the southern most tip of the country facing the Bay of Bengal, in the sea-queen district of Patuakhali. It is situated about 71 km south of the Patuakhali District. It is accessible by road , water or air transport from Dhaka upto Barisal. Then one may travel by road or water to Kuakata. The beach is about 18 km long and 3 km width elongated east-westward from where sun-rise and sun-set is visible.
Existing facilities :
Latachapli and Tangragiri reserved forests in the Kolapara Thana, Gangamoti reserve and Khajura reserve on the east and western part of the beach respectively are bestowed with natural mangrove species like keora, gewa, baen, kankra, goran, hental, goalpata and numbers of wild animals like wild boar, deer, monkey and different types of birds.

Shima Buddist Tample and Rakhaine culture at Kuakata are the added spots of tourism. This place is a real amusing land for local and foreign nature loving tourists.

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