Hi All, I am in business trip in Japan but I will have 1 day for sightseeing and tour in Tokyo. It will be 2nd of February, so...

...please let me know what places should i go that i can tell I was in Japan. Thanks for your help.


Prefecture: Tokyo

Country: Japan


Welcome to Tokyo!
If it is just ond day for a sightseeing, I would recommend:
Tokyo tower, or Tokyo metropolitan government building (great observatory)
Imperial palace eastern garden or Hama rikyu garden (Japanese garden)
Asakusa kannon temple (old town, Buddhist temple)
Meiji shrine (Shinto shrine)
Akihabara (electrical appliance shopping town, anime lovers)
Odaiba (water front view)
Pick 5 places of above!
I hope you will have a great time on the free day.
I strongly recommend SkyBus Tokyo

Or Hato Bus

A bus tour with guide will save a lot of your hassle travelling in one of the most complicated subway/train system.

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