Hello, I want to visit Macedoniƫ in june/july with my car and caravan. I travel alone and want to go the mountains near Prilep I...

...look for a place to stay with my caravan, Because there are no campings in Prilep. Does somebody know where I can have a place in nature with my caravan? I only need a shower, electricity and a toilet. If you cannot help, perhaps you know a person for me? Greetings Henk


Municipality: Prilep

Country: Macedonia


Hallo there, Henk!

I'm sure you've made the right choice for a mountainous region trip with your caravan.
You need a small weekend house in the outskirts of the city, right? Can you define me precise what are you willing to pay for it and how far from the city would you need the house to be? How long are you planing to stay (date and month)? Would you need some logistical help or some other service by a guide or nature traveller? Answer me these question at first so i could offer some help!
Thank you for the interest!
Milan Veleski
Prilep, Macedonia

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