Please advice 1.what should i go when i visit Thailand? 2. which season should i go? 3. What should i buy and in Thai Land? 4. How...

...much money should i bring?


Country: Thailand


Come anytime

Should you buy land? You can not own land in Thailand yourself you must have Thai partner it is very complicated.
How much money bring a little money find a bank where you live that you can use your ATM card without much cost.

Where to travel wow how much time do you have?
How much money do you want to spend?
Hi Hang,
my favorite area in Thailand is the south Islands like Phuket, Phi Phi, Lanta, Lipe where you find some of the most beuatiful beaches and the best waters for water sports.

Best time of year is November - April where the monsoon is blowing from the east and not much rain but you can come all time of the year.

Most things are cheep in Thailand and copy products are everywhere. Hand made products are cheep and most of it very good quality; like leather and carvings in wood and stone. Cloths are cheep as well and tailors are afordable but look arround a bit and get a couple of offers before you deside.

You can live eat and sleep fairly cheep in Thailand - you can live for less than 1000 THB/day but you might want to live a bit better and spend 2000 THB/day. Bring more if you want to go shopping and do some activities ;-)

Hope you have a good holiday :-) Come see me in Phi Phi Island :-)

Hello Hang
Here are my answers.
Come here by airplane, you get the longest time here then.
You can come here all year round but the high season is the least wet from November to April. Songkran is the Thai new year in April then everybody gets wet. It is a few days of water throwing and a welcome relief from the heat.
Buy local food and thing t take home, but take many photographs.
As for money just bring an ATM card or a credit card from your home country. Don't carry large amounts of money with you every day, carry enough for your daily food requirements and a bit for transport.
Have a great time here.
1.Chatuchak Weekeng Market : on Saturday and Sunday is the exciting place for shopping.
2. Around Oct. - Feb. is more cool weather in Thailand. Or just go there in evening's won't too hot.
3. A lot of local product , Thailand's souvenir , foods , pet , clothes , local handicraft.
4. Just get there by BTS Sky Train. At "Mor Chit" station you can walk from there.

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