Does anyone know of cheap accommodation in Mae Suai (its on the way from Chiang Rai to Chiang Mai) Thanks


Country: Thailand


I think that is the one you are loooking for :
Thanks bob! I did come across their website, you wouldn't have rough idea of prices or location would you? As it doesn't give prices on their website, cheers
Hello Malissa

Be well.
Sorry mispelled your name Melissa.
Thanks also this is a bit pricey for me, might stick to Akhajuly GH cheers anyways
No worries Melissa I will see a friend of mine tomorrow, she lives in Chang Mai and is good at advise from the surrounding areas. I will get back to you.
I know of no hotels or guesthouses in this area but you can turn to this agency:
They have an office in Chiang Mai and are very professional, I know them personally, ask for Vincent Scali.
there are 2 place.1 chiang rai country hill .phone 053786080,053656351(fax) room pri. 300-700. 2 Lao Lee resort Phone 0534501220 Price 200-800. i am in the south of thailand .there are also good place for you .My hometown is time ?
Thanks I will check these out
Royal Ping Resort is standard place and nearest.........

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