Does anyone know about Phrao in the North? Specifically - hilltribe villages there and cheap guesthouses? If so please get in touch... Thanks


Country: Thailand


This link should be able to help you choose ?

Thanks I had posted the same question on TripAdvisor too but nobody seems to know about Phrao in Chiang Mai.
Hi Melissa if you can wait until tomorrow, 24 Jan, I will see one of my friends who lives in Chang Mai and get better information for you ok ?
Let me know ?
Cheers Graham, yes I can wait until tomorrow
Thanks for being so helpful
If you ever need info on Mae Hong Son then let me know as this is where I live
Hello Melissa
Bad news, I spoke to my friend and she said that she does not know of any cheap guesthouses up north, as they are now driven by tourism and the tourist wallet is what they are after. If I get any more news I will let you know.
Be well.
there are not interested place in phrao.but if you interest in hilltripe i think could answer you.
dont know much about Phrao,but a place to recommend is ,in the Mae Chan area,about 20km north of Chiang Rai
Plenty of hilltribe villages around,Iko,Muser and karen,great for hiking and many more activities in beautiful surroundings,please check the website
Phrao have nothing interesting.....just one golf course there!

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