I need information on travel to Ghana. Pls help.

I'm traveling alone,I want to explore the place by myself and see the beautiful places on Africa. Would appreciate any info you could give me about the place.


Country: Ghana


Wow thats nice to hear. you want to explore Ghana, Believe me you will love it,which country are you coming from?, so I can find you the most necessary and foremost thing VISA information.but if you have already done and gotten it then I can tell you the nice and most exciting and thrilling places in Ghana where you can visit when you, can even take you around if you want to.
the akosombo region with the volta lake are fine, to cape coast, it is very funy also ...
thank you for showing interest in visiting Ghana, land of peace. w ehwve a whole lot tourist attractions to boast of. but first of all, i will like to know your interest and when u wish to visit. i will be glad to answer any further qustion.

thank you.
Ghana they say is the "gate-way" to AFRICA.good decision on planning to visit Ghana.u know we have the best of Archaeological sites talk of Kintampo neolithic,tourism,our political history,our food n drink etc but first got to know ur area of interest.feel free to count on me.
Good you are coming here! of course the first place you see when you enter Ghana is the Kotoka International Airport. From there you can get a taxi to where you are going. there are a lot of hotels and guest houses around where you can lodge peacefully. Ghana has 10 regions [Greater Accra where you will be first, Central, Ashanti, Brong Ahafo, Western, Eastern, Volta, Upper East, Upper West and Northern Regions].

All this while u r still in Accra the nation's capital. You can move around in a Taxi or a van locally called 'Trotro'. Trotros are much cheaper than taxis but of course much uncomfortable than taxis! Car rentals are also available. The most common language you can find in Ghana is Twi. but i can assure you that a majority of the people you talk to will understand your english and help you out. Ghanaians are very kind and are always ready to help you out, especially when you are a foreigner!

There is a lineup of magnificent beaches on the coastal belt of Ghana. In a Accra, you can visit the la pleasure beach and a few other but they are not free. at la pleasure beach, you can take a horse ride, rent a surfing board, get yourself some drinks and food from the numerous bars available. You could also visit the Oxford Street located at Osu. Osu has a lot restaurants, night clubs, shopping malls, etc. You could also visit the Kwame Nkrumah Mausoleum to find out more about the history of Ghana's first president, Kwame Nkrumah.

Of course, not all Ghanaians have the "Ghanaian Hospitality", you should be careful of criminals who will offer unbeatable offers. You could also pass through the Aburi Botanical Gardens (in Aburi-Eastern Region-about 30 mins drive from Accra) and University of Ghana Botanical Gardens [in Accra] to have a quiet and peaceful rest!

Cape Coast [Central Region] could be your next stop. with a number of castles and museums [cape coast castle, elmina castle, axim fort] , it's the best place to learn about some of the histories of Ghana. Some of these castles provide guided tours and staged performances of past events that took place there . Also in cape coast, is the Kakum National Park. The park has the only Canopy Walkway in the whole of Africa. it is suspended about a 100 feet off the ground giving you a good view of nature. Beaches available in the central region include The White Sands Beach Resort, and afew others in cape coast and axim.

Kumasi is the heart of the Ashanti region. In Kumasi, you can visit the Manhyia Palace to find out some history about the Ashanti people, the Okomfo Anokye Swourd [a sword buried neck deep by a chief priest and since then, no one has been able to move it].

More place to visit in the Ashanti region are the Kumasi Military Museum, Bobiri Forest And Butterfly Sanctuary, Centre for National Cultural, Bonwire Kente Weavers [kente is a fabric made by interwoven woven cloth. it is mostly colourful and usually worn by chiefs and on national occasions. u will be amazed at how it is woven].

Gotta go. Will write more later and give you more tips. Hope these ones help.
Yes i can but first
which country are you coming from?
thank you for showing interest in visiting Ghana,"gate-way" to Africa as its known.the first view is the Kotoka international Airport from where you will be ushered into the country.Probably you might have booked a hotel where you will be lodging or you could do it on arrival and take a rest.Dominant means of transport system is by the van, trotro as locally known or a taxi cab,with which you can move about anywhere in Ghana.Now after a nice treat and rest at the hotel you are now set to explore the beauty of Ghana's natural pride.This tour takes us through the principal streets of Accra to the Kwame Nkrumah Memorial Park, named after the first president of Ghana. You will have the opportunity to visit the National Centre for Culture where you will see on display, an array of various African handicrafts (Arts & Crafts) for sale. Next will be the National Museum where you will see collections ranging from pre-historic archaeological discoveries to colonial antiquities including exhibits of contemporary African art.
Our next visit will take us to the W.E.B. Du Bois Centre for Pan African Culture. We will continue to the National Museum which has collections ranging form pre-historic to modern artefacts and the Makola market, the city's biggest traditional market, where we will experience a typical African Market atmosphere. After lunch we will drive past the Independence Arch to the Kwame Nkrumah Memorial Park and Mausoleum for a guided tour and finally to the Centre for National Culture where we can shop for handicrafts and traditional clothes..Per the region you choose,there you will find embeded beauty.most travelers prefer hotels which are close to the beach,so with that you could have a view of the sea.At labadi beach hotel which is close to the labadi beach where many activities take place,Elmina Beach Resort This 3 star Beach Resort
is two hours drive from the airport of Accra. It has180 deluxe double suit.It is five minutes driveto the Elmina Castlebuilt by The Portuguesein 1482. Also 110 minutesdrive to The FamousCape Coast Castle.Also 20 minutes drive to the Kakum NationalPark.Lapalm Royal Beach Hotel this newly open 350 bedroom 5 star Beach Hotel is 10 minutes drive to the city center of Accra. It comprises of 12 presidential suits and the rest are superior double twin rooms. This facility is built in a chalet form. It has an African Village.Other beaches include bojo beach resort,ada beach resort,Busua Beach Resort,Cocoloko Beach, and many more.Depending on the kind of excitement you want to have,there are various place sto suit your adventure tour,typical sites include Boti Falls. A seasonal waterfall in the forest reserve at Huhunya. There is an additional attraction of viewing the wonderful "Umbrella rock".Kakum National Park. The Park has a canopy walkway, the only one of its kind in Africa and fascinating herbal plants and trees. While hiking along the Kuntan Trail, we will learn about the various medicinal and practical uses of forest plant species. This tour through nature's pharmacy also passes through some beautiful areas of rainforest.Volta The volta estuary is an area of great scenic beauty, with river and ocean beaches, and picnic spots shaded by palm trees. The sand bars are the nesting grounds for sea birds, and endangered species of turtle are still found here. Important wetlands and breeding grounds exists for migratory birds along the Keta-Angaw Lagoon Basin.Aburi 40km north of Accra, Enjoy a relaxing walk through the vast flora rich botanical garden.The akosombo region with the volta lake,as wide as it is lying wonderfully and doing its own thing.
Hi,Yeah Ghana is one of best country in africa i think you can interesting in it.
Nice to hear you are planning to visit Africa but before suggesting anything to you,you will need to give out a more details on which part of Africa that you propose to visit,remember i only deal with people visiting Ghana,and the country from which you are coming from and the estimated period of your stay
Do you already have accommodation and car to take you around or are any of your relative reside here in Ghana and if yes do you intend staying with them during your vacation?
Sorry i just notice you were talking about visiting Ghana.
Since you've plan exploring the places by yourself you will have to be cautious about the kind of food and drinks(water) that you take.
Remember it is obvious that people easily fall sick in their new environment considering the fact that your body is new to the new environment.You will then need to be particular about what you take in as in food and water.
I do not intend to propose a particular hotel for you since it will be unprofessional but my advise is to make sure that wherever you lodge into for your stay should be safe.
There is no need panicking,Ghana is a safe country, just be careful.
There are so many places to visit in Ghana as in monuments, historical buildings and our beautiful culture.
Let me brief you on some tourist attraction ion some of our regions.
A trip to central region, our formal capital then Gold Coast have a historical castle building and other interesting places including beaches.
You can also take a trip to the eastern region to the Botanical Garden,it is about an hour drive from Accra , the capital and offer a rich collection of tropical flora,which attract scores of birds and butterflies.
In the capital you can also take a trip to Ada Foah , a suburb of Accra, the mouth of river Volta, there are over 25 boats-a mixture of Hobbies Cat and Lasers and Wayfarer.
For time i will like to end here but do not hesitate to call on me for any other help.
Wishing you a wonderful journey to Ghana.
its all up to you and when u'll like to come. if you're in London or something think i can hook you up with a cheaper flight on one of the GIA (Ghana International Flights) cuz mi brother works wiv that airline ba if not guess u can alwayz take a KLM fight or even an Emirate Flight thatz if u'll like to get here thru Dubai, guess u'll be tour'n in your tour n will take a while ba i know u'll sure get here LOL. you can also come stay wiv as thatz if that will be cool wiv you. also depends on how soon you're plan'n on com'n neewayz. if you'll like to explore the country all by yourself think its cool wiv me even though i think its not the best if it your first time here. get back to me and a'll fill you in on more Info's
Well for how long will you be staying? I believe there could be a better plan once the duration of your holiday is known.
Traveling somewhere you are not to sure around alone is some how tedious concerning manoeuvrings in town. For how long you will stay is no problem once have landed in Ghana.
For jolly rides around town make sure to be familiar with the security endorsements on the taxi cab and number plate because that is extremely important. For across regions choose express and safety buses like OA or any transport buses. Really relaxing and for hotels..your money counts.
we have ones located in the heart of town and secluded.Preference is your choice to preciseness.
Traveling somewhere you are not to sure around alone is some how tedious concerning manoeuvrings in town. For how long you will stay is no problem once have landed in Ghana.
For jolly rides around town make sure to be familiar with the security endorsements on the taxi cab and number plate because that is extremely important. For across regions choose express and safety buses like OA or any transport buses. Really relaxing and for hotels..your money counts.
we have ones located in the heart of town and secluded.Preference is your choice to preciseness.
Accra is generally peaceful If you really want to live like a localte then I think I can help you . I am a student of University if Ghana .And so the sight seeing would start there and you would loved you did.

I am ready to let you have a feel of everything Ghanaian .You can call me on +233242989905 for more information .
It is fairly easy to travel all by yourself in Ghana. All accross the country, you would meet friendly locals who are ready to point you in the right direction and who would even spare some time to chat with you, tell you local history and show you a good time.

You didn't say what kind of budget you were going to be on, this would determine what you would be able to do and what you may not be able to afford on this trip.

The time of year of the visit is equally important as this determines what extra activities you can take advantage of during your visit.

Why are you travelling from home and why are you coming to Ghana? If you are travellling because for example, you are on your leave, you might want to take things easy and would therefore not fill your vacation with lots of activity.

If you want to see as much of the country as you can, you would not mind if you got little or no rest and would be on the move all the time sightseeing and taking pictures. Rest would come when you go back home.

Again, if for example, you live in the city, you might want to experience the quiet and slow pace of a small town and not want to spend all your time in the capital.

So decide a few things and this would help tailor-make the info/advice to suit your circumstances.

Happy planning,
I think the nicest thing about touring is the "unexpected"....why dont u just pack ur bags and come....u'll only have more lovely memories and adventures to tell.....
The fun is in not knowing....
Be free....
u can e-mail me om
that is great to hear but and fore most you must get your visa from any Ghanaian embassy or high commission near you.You then get your plane ticket and make your way down here i bet you you will really enjoy yourself.Some great places you can visit are
Akaa waterfalls
Aburi botanical gardens
Akosomo dam
tema harbour and a lot more
ghana is a nice country which is in western part in africa,it is rich in cocoa and gold fortunately oil has been discovered in had it independence on 6th march 1957,its really a nice place to be,because of its good atmosphere and good hospitality travellers around the country come and experience its good culture.
first obtain a visa, contact me and you would have a fun trip
hi, well if you appreciate nature and enjoy trekking on your own then thats cool give me a call when you reach accra and i will point you in the right direction. 0244236696
wow that will be nice you will like it here i will make you very happy there are much fun here and you will love it and many more to learn and many more to take home with you so will recommend you to contact me on
plz visit and
simply find options from numerous sites on tourism and choose your specifics

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