I would like to go skiing in Austria. I not very good, so I'm looking for some easy tracks. Could you please tell me some names of...

...cities were I can find an hotel. Thanks!


Country: Austria


you can go to schladming in the center of austria... there you find tracks for anyone but its not the cheapest choice. also st. anton am arlberg in the west is very international, chique and with choices for everyone. kitzbuehel the same...
i, though, prefer the smaller slopes that are cheaper and not so crowded. like for example planner alm close to donnersbachwald or loser close to altaussee...

i hope i could help a little here. the choice of ski ressorts in austria is endless...

you might also want to check out semmering ski ressorts because they are the closest to vienna and have easy slopes too...

best regards

If you visit the country to the north of Austria, Czech Republic, then you will fine nice, affordable and beginner friendly skiing in the towns of Destne, Krkonice. You will also get a chance for a day trip to Prague, arguably the most diverse, specactacular architecture in the world. It is also extremely well preserved due to the fact that it was not bombed in WWII and skipped the capitalist development from 1945-89. I am an american living in Prague and have a home near the slopes in Destne. Feel free to contact me regarding more details and suggestions, especially of you want and efficient walking tour of Prague or desire accomodations near the slopes in Czech. Otherwise, enjoy Austria and keep my contact info if you are ever visiting Czech.
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