Hello. I'm planning to travel to New York, and I'm looking for the cheapest hotels I can get. Any suggestion?


City: New York

State: New York

Country: United States


Vanderbilt YMCA
There are a couple of hostels in NYC, including one on the upper west side that's very close to Columbia University and the Church of St. John the Divine. I've never stayed there but I've heard that it's about what you'd expect from a hostel. There are also a lot of smaller hotels scattered around the city and, depending on when you're coming, they have some pretty low rates. Many of them are available through , so I suggest you search for specific rates there.
There are many fine hotels in NYC and, as you know, NY is very diverse. You can find nice accommodations throughout Manhattan or the outer boros.However, much depends upon when you arrive, your purpose, area where you expect to spend most of your time, tolerance, etc. That said, if you're seeking a per night cost of $99-$150 and you want to stay in Manhattan, you may want to search for (1) The Radisson Lexington Hotel, (2) Roger Smith Hotel, (3) Holiday Inn Express, (4) Hotel Mela. You may find some of these on
get aaa they give discounts to holiday inn western and others

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