how many Buddhist temples in Thailand


Country: Thailand


big and famous one are 9 temples in bkk

There is one in every village ...
99% of everry village there are one or more than one. just the truth!
See I am not able to answer with certainty but I will do that in any case there is a small temple called Haunted Mansion, this house is 'that which protects the house more' big, then there are thousands of temples scattered everywhere Thailand even in the most 'remote and unthinkable
there are temples and meditation 36.150...............
who cares?
but more than there should be considering the rural poverty and how lazy the monks are, also a lot were hurriedly built by the thai army in the south to ensure the borders were drawn in their favour, hence the heavy death toll in an islamic malay region stuck in buddhist thailand.
There about 40,000 temples in Thailand. If you know your way around in Southeast Asia you recognize the Thai temples as a charming attribute of this country.
It has been said ealier that almost every village has its temple. This is very true as the temple has not only the function of worship, but still acts as gathering place for the local people to perform all sorts of social functions. As most of the temples, even in rural areas, accomodate a school and a library, the local temples provide education for the very needy. So, the temple in Thailand on average is a very positive and useful institution.

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Hello the official number I got was 40 717 in total in Thailand. You would need to stay here a very long time to do a tour of each and every one of them. But you have to start somewhere, so why not come to Phuket and bigin at Wat Chalong ?
Bye for now.
Hi there! For once a really interesting question, which no one will be able to answer
correctly! Let me tell you: my father (in law) of my thai wife built himself, on his own
land, with most of his own money until now 5 temples in only ONE (Moo) district in
our town!!! This is the aim of a lifetime to 65 Mio Thais. I guess there will be about
(at least) 300'000 temples in Thailand (if I'm not well to short in guessing) ;-)

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